Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, Sherry

So this morning, I woke to the sounds of "Oh Sherry" in my head. You know the Journey song? It's not even one of my favorites, and I always thought that the first line was screamed instead of sung...but that's what it was. And I don't even know anyone named Sherry, but apparently, she should have been gone.

Now we can just turn on the taped version of my life, as I seem to say (write) the same thing week after week----I am happy today is Friday, it has been a rough week, I am feeling pretty poorly, my life is hard---wah, wah, wah, wah, WAH. But it's all true, pathetic or not.

Dammit still waiting to hear back from the dr's office, and I called them on---crap, was it Monday? I just realized that it has been that long, so I will call them today---again. The pain is severe this week, but I have managed to stay upright and I have been pretty busy. I had some things to do to get ready for this weekend, the (quasi) baby shower tomorrow, and my sister and goodest family friend Phyllis comes there has been some preparation. I am almost ready, have to clean the other bathroom this morning, I managed to somewhat clean the floors last night, changed the bed, cleaned one bathroom..and that was after working ten hours yesterday, as the Drama Queen couldn't make it. It was, after all Thursday, and she has a really rough time of it on that day, as her kids are with their father on Wednesday nights and that means P-A-R-T-Y. Ugh...You know, I have noticed that my tolerance for many things has gone, and I am becoming an old and apparently bitter woman. I am not proud and am trying to change my thinking but I think my own kids have pushed me way over the edge and now I find I have zero tolerance for bullshit. Every day, I find that I act more like my dad and that is not who I want to be. But on to brighter things...

I am looking forward to seeing my sister and friend, they will be here this afternoon -- have to leave tomorrow afternoon, but that's okay. There will be seven of us here tomorrow, and that will be fun. I ordered a Rubber Ducky cake, marble of course, and will order pizza because that's easy and this day is suppose to be about easy. I bought Janelle a pack and play - which really is killing two birds with one stone, it doubles as a bassinet. Baby things cost so much, I cannot believe it. She now has the crib and changing table, the bassinet, a few sheets and a comforter, and some tiny-sweet clothes. She still needs so much but I am afraid I have done all I can do..the rest will have to be up to them. They are getting there. It was extremely important to me that I buy his furniture and I managed to do that--and I'm telling you, that was a miracle. So I know it will all work out.

Tonight, will be dinner out with my sis and friend and then who knows? Tomorrow, the shower (lunch) and then Mark and I will take them halfway back - so I will be back home by sevenish..and the rest of the weekend will be spent alone. And that's alright with me. I'm out.


SOUL: said...

i always hated that song---
but i do like journey.

anyhow-- sounds like you will have a lot of fun-- at least i hope so.
sorry about the pain. ugh. you know i can relate. i hope you can get something to help-- or some relief somehow. and hopefully some time to rest up after the hooplah is over with.

anyways-- i hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy your peeps!!

eat some cake for meeeeeeeee

happy fridayy

ps--i'm FIRST!

ambersun said...

Hi again

Yeah I think I am becoming a bitter old woman too! Today I nearly had a temper tantrum.

I hope the time with your sister and friend was good.


Brad said...

Ok, so I just looked up the lyrics to that song to see if there were any words of wisdom.

Not a blasted thing. Should have known Steve Perry was all spit and no polish.

Have fun with the family and the shower - sounds like fun. and if you think of it get us a pic of that Rubber Ducky Cake - I've never seen nor heard of them.


M Chickk said...

Have fun at the shower and YES, baby things are $$$$! We just bought a high chair for our house.

Summer said...

Bitter. Ha! You're not, you're just in chronic pain. Which makes the strongest a little cranky.

Just Be Real said...

Liza, sorry you are in so much pain and hope you were able to get the dr. Steve Perry, always thought he was cute. Have a good time at the shower! Blessings!


awww..heres to hoping everything went nicely for Janelle..
great idea---on the pack and play..and it's easy to transport to Grandma's house for playdates!! :)

Feel beter!

Kathy said...

Pack "N" Plays are great. We have one from our first grand child (who's now 9) that we keep here.
Who is 'the Drama Queen'? Is this a friend?
What a nice stress-free shower you've planned. Sounds lovely!

SOUL: said...

have you heard anything from z doctah????????
how are you doin -- medically?
all kindsa-- y -- ???