Sunday, April 12, 2009

The joys of being ME

I have had a pretty good weekend. It has been a busy one, which is unusual for my life these days, but still good. Friday night Mark and I went out and I had a great time. Yesterday, Janelle and I spent the better part of the day running around, it was a beautiful day...and I had enough energy to get out and enjoy it. Which leaves me wondering why I feel so assy this morning. That would be assy with a capital A. It's Easter for heavens sake. I am having all my kiddos and Mark here for dinner. I should be feeling pretty good about that, if nothing else. However, I mostly want to go back to bed and cover my head this morning. Bleh. Happy Easter.


ambersun said...

Happy Easter

Yeah - sometimes emotions happen for no good reason.

I'm feeling a lot better. The rest has been good.

All the best


SOUL: said...

happy easter---

you maybe do need a little more sleep-- then you'll feel better. maybe you're just dreading all the cooking and cleaning you have to deal with today-- just take it as it comes... you deserve to be happy -- especially with your family.
happy to hear -- so far so good -- this weekend.

and hey-- look on the bright side-- you could be smokin brisket out in the cold and rain today-- like soulman will be doin. ugh-- i can hear it already. :))

i hope the bad mood rolls out and you have a happy day!


Smocha said...

Glad to hear you had some good times!

Hope today is fabulous for ya'

Happy Easter

Kathy said...

Sometimes the thoughts of having to do all that prep work for even happy occasions overwhelms me. Then I get started and things seem a bit better.

Just Be Real said...

Happy Easter Liza. Glad you had somewhat of a pretty good weekend! That is great! I hear ya with going back to bed. Zzzzz

desert dirt diva said...

Happy Easter, and i feel the exact same this dang cold bronchittis thing going and i keep beaking out in swaet...blah blah blah.. sorry to whine...hope you have a good day

josie2shoes said...

Happy Easter Liza! I hope the day turns out brighter than expected and you get to enjoy having your family altogether without killin yourself in the kitchen. Was happy to hear you had a nice evening with Mark and a great day with your daughter yesterday. I'll be seeing mine next weekend - can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Jus poppin in to say Happy Easter...yeah bad lurker....I know!

SOUL: said...

just comin by to see if the tide turned at your place.
things here turned out better than anticipated.
hope it did there too.

Golden To Silver Val said...

My day wasn't too bad....for one who did all the cooking and most of the cleanup. But then....why should this day be any different than the others? Sigh...I'll get that maid one of these days. Anyway, the little ones had fun looking for eggs and scoring candy and little presents. The weather was sunny and 50...better than rain any old day. Tomorrow is MONDAY...I'm so excited over that I could just pee. Have a good one. Love Charlotte

fiwa said...

I love YOU and I'm glad you are who you are. I'm so glad to hear you had good time with Mark and Janelle over the weekend. I hope yesterday went well.


Cheryl said...

A great Friday and Saturday is better than the alternative. Did your Sunday shape up any better?