Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Morning Quickie

Another weekend behind us...I wonder how many weekends we are allotted in our lives? I could probably figure that out pretty easily, but maybe I wouldn't want to know the answer to that. I would like to say this has been a wonderfully relaxing one, but anytime my kids are involved, there IS no relaxing. It was as good as it could be, here in my own world. I accomplished everything on my to-do list...well almost everything. There are still some un-ironed clothes hanging in my closet, but that is due to pure laziness. I actually slept last night, for the first time in days, so I expect to feel pretty good today. Hope every one's day is perfect. Later.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Hope your Monday is a good one too. I'm really not diggin' driving into work in the dark again....but, oh won't be for long and the days will be longer. Hugs

SOUL: said...

holy shit-- i just realized the date!!! (on vals comment)

today is soulkids birthday..


happy monday--
i am sooo late this mornin---

i plan to be playin blog catchup later-- but we all know how that goes.

happy you got some sleep--- now do somethin fun for you!



Quickies..the best way to start the day. :)

or so the guys say. lol lol.

I'm glad you were sleeping good last night! That's very good!
Thanks for the wall greeting btw!!


:) E

Cheryl said...

If only wishes could come true. We'd all have perfect days. What would perfect be, though? Would we even know?

I hope your day is better than expected. How's that?

Brad said...

'round these parts we call it "pure cussed laziness" and I'm a master at it.

SOUL: said...

well hell, i really am senile.
i read here and even talked to ya-- yet i just wrote you a talk to me thing. thinkin i hadn't heard from you in days.
would you please just shoot me? or maybe all the soul peeps could join in on a firing squad? that would surely be a great stress reliever

hope today is a good one