Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hap-hap-happy humpday.

While at work yesterday, I had almost a whole post written, but was interrupted when one of the bosses came in, then I realized I had no business blogging at work, if I was not comfortable with the powers that be knowing I was screwing off while on their time.'s been a long time since I have had to worry about that, in my past job, I would say to Bill "don't bother me now, I'm blogging..". I think those days are over.

I was stuck there for the full ten hours yesterday as the one I like to call Drama Queen, the one that comes in late and stays late to cover until 5:30 every day had yet another *tragedy*. I am SOOO over other people's problems, I could spit. Yesterday, she found her "boyfriend" (a man of 47, btw) in bed with his ex girlfriend. So, I had the tears on the phone and her asking if she could take a personal day. I said yes, but I am already fed up with this girl and her problems. She is 32 years old, has two sons, and lives her life this way, apparently on purpose. Every one of us has bad things happen to us, things that are of no fault of ours. I get that. To me--drama is when things happen that you knew were going to happen, and you are upset about it anyway. And this girl knew this was going to happen. This girl is a player, and she is seeing one of her kind. get two players involved in a relationship, and viola--what do you have? One of them in bed with someone else...Gah. In the full three weeks that I have been there, I have listened to stories told to the other woman in our office..every morning a new story. They puke me, the chatter is unnecessary and annoying, the subject is inappropriate and boring, and I am already fed up to here-----. She has missed two and a half days because her kids were sick, she has missed half a day because her water pipes froze, she overslept the first day I was there, her kids have had dr appointments, dentist appointments...and this has all been in three weeks. She has been with this company for five years and I never want to fire anyone, it sucks to have to do that. But believe me, if there is no other option, I will do just that. I already spoke to the owner about the excessive bs, and he told me to do what I needed to, the department was mine. What bothers me, is that there are so many others out there that would take the job so much more seriously...hell, I would love to have some of my previous employees there. But, I shall bide my time and wait and see what happens. She is, after all a single mother, but why does SHE not care about that?

In other news....I have nothing. My life is one issue after another, and I find myself struggling to keep one foot in front of the other. Mark and I did spend a few minutes talking last evening, things are not progressing well. Turns out he's relieved that he no longer has to "worry" about me as much...yea for him, who knew he was worrying anyway? I have come to the conclusion that if he is happier living in a huge, empty house, with a senile dog, more than a hundred miles from his job, then he must have been one very unhappy man, living here with me. He tells me he wants to work this all out...and I am left wondering when..perhaps he is "working" on it when he is out every weekend in the local tavern? I assume he has revived his pool game, once upon a time, he wowed 'em with his skills. Ahh, it is good to be the Mark.

With any luck, this day could be drama-free. None from my children or the dq at work. If I was a betting woman, my money would be on them, however. Happy Humpday, I'm out.



sounds like this single mom has entitlement disorder...everyone pities her because she's a single mom..and they enable her behavoir because she makes damn sure she shows everyone how she's the victim.

I have been friends with many singlemom's..and 95% of them has their shit together, aside from daddy being a dick...the other 5%, same thing that you write here.

Sounds like she needs to hear the ONE TWO THREE toddler teachings to get her to realize that you mean business:
Strike ONE
Strike Two
Strike Three you're out.

after all, how is this fair to everyone else working there? She gets away with it, so then, should the other employees..
Find a dentist with saturday hours. same as a doctor.
find a plumber you trust to do the work while you're at work. No need for her to be at home--I am after all a plumbers daughter---
and the bs with the boyfriend..well, that sucks and if she has time she is entitled to use it..but what happens when her PTO is used up? Maybe she needs to learn that in order for her to take personal time, she has to acrue it in her place of work.
FINE example she is for her children.

makes me sad.

Golden To Silver Val said...

It seems like every workplace has at least ONE employee like this. Times are hard and jobs are precious...she does need to stop and think about that.
I think unemployment in my State is 10.7% right now. Of course it doesn't sound so bad if I think of it as 90% are still working. Hang in there kid....soon the weather will be nice and it will give us all an attitude boost. Lord knows I need one! Hugs, Charlotte

Brad said...

DQ sounds like a real peice of work. 32 going on 15? Hmmm.

She sounds like another volunteer for the unemployment line. Don't let her make you nuts (easier said then done, I know)

Hugs to you freind! And Happy Early Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

SOUL: said...

ahhhh the life of a working woman. :)) i know it's aggravating, but don't forget--- that has a nice ring to it. "working woman". i know you have to be feeling somewhat better having a "reason" to get up and out in the morning. i'm happy you got your job. it really sucks, all that you went through to get there. perhaps that is exactly where you are meant to be.
knock dq to the curb and maybe do get one of your old comrades to take the job. you're right-- someone else would take it much more seriously, appreciate the paycheck, you--and maybe even work for a livin because of it.

i am sorry to hear that things with mark are the way they are-- but as you say-- "it is what it is." right? it does hurt me to see my peeps in pain and i know-- this isn't easy for you-- but who said it would be. you've been here before-- and there is no tellin what may happen in the future. men aren't vocalcreatures
and i think you knew he was worried and loved you-- he did too--. you and i both take on too much responsibility for others feelings and consequences. and i think this is HIS loss... if that's the direction it will take.
maybe he just needs to play for a while-- every one of us can use time off once in a while right? and marriage is work.
same for the non working girl-- maybe gettin canned and realizing it's time to grow up is just what she needs?

i love you both---well i love you all.. and i hope the drama settles in your world soon-- i know it will... it's just a matter of when-- and i can see the light comin your way--and no--it's not a train.

sorry i missed you last night. i'll be explaining that on my own page.
another hectic day in soulland. but i'm breathin. looks like you are too--and sometimes, that just has to be the best we can do.
oh-- if it makes you feel better-- i'm freezin! :)) and i love ya-
here's to a better day!
(ps- last night--i think is still tonight. but who knows -- i have lost all concept of time .)
but i did get some sleep. hope you did too-
laterz pal

Summer said...

I'm hoping your Wednesday was not like mine. I've never experienced such a horrible day in my working life as yesterday.

So...happy birthday...make it a good one!