Sunday, February 08, 2009

The first or the last?

Sunday is the last day of the week in my mind. Officially, it's the first day of the week. As usual, I am off with the rest of the world. How do you all look at it?

So, it has been a (mostly) good week. If you don't count the fact that we are dying financially, and that CrazyDog has had major issues and kept us up most nights. Or if you don't count the additional fact that I have a raging sinus infection. Besides these things, the week was good. CrazyDog has actually rallied some and is still among the living. She is eating the prescribed dog food and while I am not sure what this is supposed to do for her, she has been a little easier to get along with. Of course, it is the weekend now and as long as Mark is around, she's easier.

I also heard those magic words --"you're hired". That helps a girls outlook immensely. Now---if I could just get started on the job, that would be oh-so-much better. The person I am replacing does not know she is being replaced and because I did not want to try and straighten out her end of the year mess, it was best that she be given the time needed to finish it. I actually was willing, but the new employer thought that would be a nightmare for a new person coming in---and that makes sense. Because he has little trust in her abilities, he couldn't give me an exact date, but I certainly HOPE it's this week.

I have had a couple of conversations with old and new friends that have made me very happy. I must confess, I am now an official addict of Facebook....yes, I know....I'm not proud. But I am having fun with it. I still think I am a little old for all of it, but I see many that are older than me, and what the hay...At least it isn't as juvenile as the whole myspace scene.

Today----I am having the family over for a birthday dinner for Janelle. She wants Chicken Tacos, so Chicken Tacos it is. And birthday cake and ice cream of course ---we are never too old for that. Have a very happy Sunday. :)


Summer said...

Congratulations on your new job and happy birthday to Janelle. I hope you feel better soon.

Smocha said...

Ditto that!

What the heck can one DO on facebook?
I didn't see where it did anything. Am I so old I just missed all the hidden clues?

Hope you all have a great time today! :))


awesome on your new job!! You're on facebook? I am addicted to that as well!!! :)

Sounds like a nice day with Janelle...yummy, chicken tacos...

I hope you feel better..sinus infections aren't fun at all.

Thank you for your words..they're extremely helpful.


SOUL: said...

you're a very busy woman.
but it all seems to be coming together. and in your favor too. that makes me happy for you. you know that already though, right?

glad to hear crazy is doin better-- i hope it lasts a while. and that it isn't just cuz mark is there.
i think she misses me. :))
i could go back and she would be a good doggy again. :))

i hope you can get this sinus infection tackled before your first day at work,,, don't wanna be slingin snot all over the place.

happy happy birthday to janelle too. i hope you all have happy days. and some belly laughs and-- a couple snorts to go with it.

just don't sneeze on the cake!

oh-- and don't get too close to the birthday girl-- ya don't wanna get her sick. i don't think there's anything worse than sick , prego.. ugh. i remember going to the doc--obgyn-- for a stinkin cold-- and the first thing they do is look at the opposite end. perverts i say-- all of them.

so anyhow-- are you gonna try to blow up more cakes today in J's honor?? take pix if ya do.
hell-- take pix if ya dont.

catch ya later.

Mary said...

Either way, Sunday is my favorite day. No real work - just make a simple meal and enjoy Family and Friends day. Today will be good - expecting around 11 happy faces.

"You're hired." The sweetest sound during these hard times. I'm really happy for you. Glad he employer is giving the burden of year-end close to the current person. Smart move.

Happy b'day to Janelle. Sounds like you're beginning to have F&F Day in your world. It's wonderful, isn't it?

ac said...

Happy b'day to Janelle!

Save me some cake and chicken tacos. I'm leaving now. ha!

Cheryl said...

Hope it was a good birthday. Her birthday and your birth day. Now I need to find you on Facebook. I'm there!

Brad said...

I'm with you, sunday to me is the last day of the week. Normally set aside for Mom and my chore list.

Wouldn't you know CD would have to go on Rx food when moneys tight? I know what that stuff costs! We've had to have Bear on it since pratically day one (my sensitive tummy boy)

I'm on Facebook too! last name crane -

ac said...

I sent you a facebook invite. Don't be afraid. I'm not annoying. ha!