Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LOVE stinks.

I was married thirty years ago on this day. Thirty---that sounds unbelievable. Of course, it was my first marriage...but still, how could it have been that long ago? I was young and stupid then of course, but I was oh-so-happy. I seriously believed that LOVE was the key to everything. Gag. It really is too bad that I couldn't hang on to a little bit of that naivete---but life has made me a realist and thinking along those lines will only make the reality of what it all is that much worse. And a very happy valentines day to you all...LOL. Sorry. Like the great philosopher Popeye once said--"I yam what I yam". :)


SOUL: said...

i call yams "sweet taterz"
so i reckon how you look
at things -- ok.. i'll stop

i do hope you have a good day tho.

luv ya


that's what's great about being young..it just doesn't matter that much..
until we get older.

pass the prunes and yams please and happy Vday to you too!


Portia said...

It does all stink. And you be whatever you is cause that's how we love you:) I guess I'm gonna have to check out facebook. I have refused to join so far because I'm on myspace and I can't handle 2 of those things. Happy belated Birthday to Janelle:) I am SURE you will be the most wonderful grandmother without even having to try. Seriously. I'm sorry CrazyDog is having and causing such a, well, crazy time:(

Cheryl said...

My love stunk (not literally), but I'm fine. I didn't even get married till I was old. I thought it was the real thing. I'm fine. Even without a Valentine.

SOUL: said...


Terri said...

and we luvs ya that way!