Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I wasn't going to post this morning, but when I looked at my blog, it does not appear correctly - my title and top and bottom bar are there, and nothing this is a "test" post.

Things are ticking along here...this will be day three on the new job, and I am tired beyond belief. In the past year, I have forgotten how OLD and not healthy I am...but still, I will be able to physically do it, once I have gotten used to doing it. The work will be challenging, once I figure out what the previous person has done, at this's a mess.

Mark and I are still apart - and are okay with it. CrazyDog is not feeling quite the same, however. She is having larger issues than normal, and for that, I feel very bad. We have talked about the two of them coming back home for that reason but have decided that isn't why we want to I don't know. I have to admit I have been so wiped out at night that being here alone has been wonderful. I knew that I would be that way...when I am tired and fed up, I just want to be left alone. I don't think that's a good way to be when one is part of a couple. Often, my issues are not with Mark, they are with everyone. That alone, sort of scares me and what it means for us. Today, he is bringing the dog here for the day and he and I are supposed to have dinner together. If he doesn't bring her with him, then he has to hurry back to our old house an hour and a half away, to let her out, so there would be no opportunity to see him at all. Poor old CrazyDog....she will be the death of us. She is seriously old and crazy, but physically---she just keeps on ticking. I knew we should have named her Timex.



Romany Angel said...

It's cool Jamie...I can see your whole blog now. I came by before and thought you must have archived everything. Phew...I'm glad that isn't the case.

It's great that you are working again and enjoying it. It will be tiring at first but you are going through a lot emotionally as well which must add to the fatigue.

Poor crazy dog...he must be so mixed up at the moment.

I hope you and Mark can find a solution that will make you both happy. It's the least any of us can expect really.

Cheryl said...

I love coming home to my empty house when I'm pooped from work. Actually, my daughter is here but usually holed away in her room, so that doesn't count, right? Of course, I don't remember what it's like to come home to a welcoming partner. I came home to silence and a cold shoulder.

I know I'm older than you. That's no so old! Plan to be worn out for a while.

Poor Crazydog. One day...

fiwa said...

You know - I think something must be going on with blogger - big surprise. Yesterday there was another blog I follow that I could never get to load, and another one that appears to just be gone. *poof*.

Anyway - it looks fine to me.
I hope you and Mark have a nice dinner together.

big hugs -

Golden To Silver Val said...

My wishes and prayers ask for what will make you the happiest. Don't give up on 'believing'. It will soon work out for all of us with such heartaches going on right now. Much love, big hugs.

Brad said...

I hope you guys have a nice time tonight. Hopefully tougher subjects can be set aside for a bit and you can just enjoy eachothers company. -XOBC


Oh Jaime I didn't know that about mark. I'm sorry to hear about that. But I have faith that you and your soul mate will be okay. Just another thing that you and him will have to allow time to fix. :)

sorry about Crazy dog too! I wish I could drive out and help you somehow..I'm thinking of you okay?


Kelly Jene said...

Like Crusty, I didn't know about you and Mark. I'm sorry I haven't been here for you. I will pray for the best outcome. For you and Crazydog.

I love you.

M Chickk said...

I'm late as usual. I sure hope you had a nice time last night.

M Chickk said...

I'm late as usual. I sure hope you had a nice time last night.

SOUL: said...

well, holy crap-- how on earth did i miss this post?
who knows anymore? i can't focus on a single thought lately. anyhow-- don't feel bad if i forgot to pop in.. guess i was just busy. ummm.. yes that's what it was. i don't even know if i went to anybodys page. or maybe i went to yours before you posted? ya just never know with me. ugh
i did think of you a lot-- oh and i left you a yahoo note-- so i didn't totally forget you. ugh. but i didn't hear back either. i hope that isn't a bad sign?
i hope you and mark had a good time- and were able to forget some of the bullshit for a little while at least.
where'd ya go? what'd ya eat? did you cook or go out?
did he bring crazy dog? or did he have to rush back out to take care of her?
poor little mental doggie. i'm tellin ya-- she misses me-- that's all. :))
ok-- too many questions.
lemmee know if you update-- or holler at me.. i am not sure if i'll be here when you are-- well, cuz i don't know your schedule yet--
but if i'm around i'll look for ya.

miss you :((

Terri said...

you and Mark seem to be approaching this so logically. I hope for resolution, but take your time, these things don't resolve themselves quickly, unfortunately. Sorry about CrazyDog, poor thing.

Portia said...

What a week. I hope the weekend lightens the load a little and you spoil yourself in some way, any way at all.

SOUL: said...

just comin over to check on you--- how's things?
come find me..