Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First impressions

So, I began working again yesterday. I really liked it. The place is not so different from what I am used to..and as far as I have to deal with everyone there, I do believe I will like everyone. I have many challenges ahead, as things are really messed up---the woman that I am replacing has made a mess of everything...but I will get in straightened out in time. Seriously, after only one day, my impression is that this is where I belong...but let's talk about it in a day or two, okay? One thing I am no longer good at is this morning routine thing...I am completely out of practice at getting my butt up and out the door at a certain time. That one's going to take some reconditioning.

As far as everything else goes, it's all pretty much completely dicked up. Enough said. Later.


SOUL: said...

i'm first!!!

i'm glad you like the new job/people.. i hope you grow to LOVE it! i know having a job-- and one you like is more than important to you.

i hope it only gets better and better in your world-- esp the "dicked up" parts.

have a good day today --

Mary said...

It's good to know that you have a job that you like and that the people seem OK. I'm sure it will only get better. The job surely presented itself at a good time.

I'm sorry everything else seems to bleak for now. It'll take a while but it will get better. I know that's hard to believe when everything is "dicked up" but it will happen. By the way, I like that term - dicked up. It's perfect.

fiwa said...

Good luck with your new job. As for the rest of it - I'll be thinking of you and hoping it gets "undicked up" very soon.

love you -

Brad said...

I love that last line. It really tells it like it is. - Glad the new job is going good so far!

M Chickk said...

I haven't been on the computer much in the past week or so. I am really sorry about your separation and I hope it all works out for you guys. I am happy to hear that you are liking your new job though. If you like it after the first day, then it can only get better from there, right? Take care. Hugs!

ps...I LOVE my Blackberry Curve!

Portia said...

Thank goodness! I'm so glad you feel at home at what will essentially be your new home:) I hope the dicked upedness settles down some. I know it sucks.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I know you will excel in this and it won't be long before they will wonder how they managed without you all this time. Congratulations, dear friend. I think this one may be IT...and so your new journey starts....leading you to better days ahead. Big hugs and much love.

SOUL: said...

just sayin hi.
and good-night.
i hope you had a good day.

Terri said...

you will have that place in tip top shape in no time and you will get your mojo back! Yay!

Anonymous said...

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