Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sad eyes...turn the other way

I have been awake most of this night---the pain in my legs and back is intolerable. I have taken at least one of everything I have that should help, but not this time. I suppose my walking/running/scrubbing/ schedule has to be modified somewhat, and I wish I could tell you all just how much that pisses me off. So, here i sit, just after three am, do you know where your kids are? :) Ugh.

No ottoman or other end table yesterday, I just knew that was too good to be true. The store called - it will now be next Wednesday. Grrrr.... I did however, get my two new bar stools yesterday, from Tarjay, no less...they are nice looking, functional and sturdy enough to last a few years...I am loving the way my place looks. Every time I buy something for the apartment, it makes me see that we need something else...and every time Mark is forced to carry or move or haul something out of here, he says to me "now this is all, right? We have everything we need now?" LOL yes...until I find the next thing. I know he is worried about his own back, not to mention the money side of things...yes, that is going to become a problem I had better back off for a bit. Mostly what I need now are just small items...a print or a picture or two for over the breakfast bar, a clock for the LR wall...(yes trav, I'm taking your advice and getting a clock, but finding the right one will take time...) and other small, decorative things. Well---and a desk for my office, I am now using a table and it works okay, but soon I will have to have a desk. Mostly, I am just trying to avoid the hassle of buying another item that has to be hauled all the way up here----Mark, of course---and then put together. And a computer desk that will fit in the space that I now have for one will be one of those that has to be put together. I really don't feel like listening to Mark swear for an afternoon right now, so I have put that purchase off.

And the tv...I for got about the tv. Ugh. This television was three years old in April. Right after we got it, the main tube went out, so luckily it was still under warranty. They came and took it away, and three long weeks later, it came back, repaired. Now keep in mind that it was only a couple of months old at that time...It is a 46" HD RCA stand alone set. I believe it cost about $1800---not a huge amount for a television, but nothing to sneeze at, at least for us. Now, it won't turn on. I mean it will not come on...and once it does, it doesn't want to turn off. The repairman was here about three weeks ago, THREE times, and couldn't figure out what the problem was. He said he had to order parts...and to call him in two - three weeks if we didn't hear from him first. (We have called, but so far, no luck, btw) So far, it has cost just over a hundred dollars. Once fixed, (and he isn't even sure that the part he ordered is really the problem) it will be another $350-$400. I asked how we could use in in the meantime, and he told us not to turn it off. So, this tv has been on for almost a month. How can that be good for it? When we aren't using it, I turn it to the XM channels so that the screen saver comes on...but tell me, isn't that ultimately going to burn it up? And is it smart to put that much more money into it? And if we buy another, what the hell will we do with this one? It cannot be used unless repaired, and we can't sell it or even give it away until it's fixed...ugh. I wish I knew if it would continue to work once fixed...It seems that everything we buy these days has issues and it frustrates me to no end. We need a television. That's all Mark and I do in our old a few shows that interest us, and recently, movies that we rent. There are two other sets in this house, but they are pretty small and we have been spoiled. I would love to have one that will hang on the wall---this room is set up for just that, but financially right now, it's best to wait. On the other hand, (we have I do not want to throw any more good money after bad. ACK!

So today, the plan was to get down to the house in the southern regions of this fine state and do a a little clean up and paint work...but not today. I can hardly walk this morning, and that's not a joke. I suppose this is just a reaction to all of my recent activity but when this happens, it scares the crap out of me. So, Mark will have to head there once again on his own - well with the dog--so that I can truly have a day "off" without having to take her out, bring her in, take her out, bring her in...and I can hope that by Monday I can go and help him. I feel sorry for that man sometimes, everything seems to fall on his shoulders. We SO much need to sell that is costing us right at a thousand a month...just to make the payments and pay the few utilities or the minimums for them...ugh. The housing market now is so bad, but I still feel confident that someone will want to raise their family there, it's a great house for kids and dogs and cats and love.

All of my kiddos are going to camp at the lake this weekend, I am SO jealous. They even have the use of a boat...the little turds. It has been years since I was able to set my butt on a boat, and if there ever was a most Godly time in my life, it was on the bow of our little speed boat back in the nineties, at sunset, with the wind in my face and the evidence of God all around...there has never ever been a more peaceful moment or more wondrous and thankful feeling in my entire life. But for my kids, this weekend, I just wish them safety and fun.

I hope that all of you have a great, long weekend. I hope that each of you spend each moment doing something wonderful. Happy Labor day weekend, y'all. :)



I'm sorry to hear about your tv...I know how annoying that can be. Interestingly enough we're experiencing the same issue with our family room tv--which just went beyond the one year extended wty by about 2months (because I said it was a waste of money--bri didn't buy it--so naturally it's all my fault that the tv is broken now--because I didn't want to buy the ext. wty) the same thing, the tv won't turn on when we push the on button...sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn''s really wierd.

I will tell you this--and you are very motivating --perhaps if you called the manufacture of your tv on tuesday (actually for this week don't call until Wed since monday is day off) and kindly chat about all the lemon issues you've had with their products, the slow delay, not to mention how frustrated your husband is (use your partner--for some reason it works although it may not be truthful) over the issue with said manufacture and how he's been ranting and raving about writing a column on it as he's involved in print. :) hee-hee.seriously though..when you call, try to get ahold of someone in the retention dept -google some ceo's names and numbers on the company first--so when you do begin the ladder climb of issues you can name drop this person from dept a and that person from dept b and just say you're not the type to want to negatively promote bad products but you wanted to call and see if there is anything they can do because all you want accomplished is BLANK (insert issue here :)..) and at least your husband will then calm down because he'll be happy to have his tv back.

The reason I am longchatting about this, is we tried the same thing with SONY and somehow managed to get them to split the cost of repairs 50/50 for someone to come out. Then we researched the most inexpensive company to make service calls and no time at all we'll have someone out to look at it (when we can afford it) and not be too freaked about the full cost..

Or you could always google your issue and look for forums that discuss how to correct it.

Have a great Labor day weekend! how's that for labor? :)

Sorry if I sounded 'mommaish" it's not my intent, it's just what we're going thru right now. and for you guys I think you have a good chance at some savings because you've already had issues with tv and in less then 5 years, buttons shouldn't be tripping--Unless your animals are pushing each other's buttons throughout the day--hahah..

me, hugs too!

Flavius Maximus said...

Sorry to hear about your television...

I only got to see certain segments of the Olympics, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I LOVE the Olympics!

I hope you get your butt on a boat soon, as I'm sure you deserve it.

Have a great and SAFE holiday weekend!

Trav said...

Yeah - a clock!!! Wow, What a
great idea. Bar stools too - another great idea. I am sorry about the furn. not coming. also
sorry about the tv - we are in car
hell as Jim and Tom are going this
am to 3 hrs away where it died on
Natalie coming to peoria I want to
blow the ******* thing up. To all
your readers: No 98 Dodge Intrepids!!!!! 60,000 and it is a
piece of crap. Love you sis!!

Gypsy said...

Now that my job is almost, but not quite over, I'm going to be into home decorating in a BIG way and can't wait. It'll be nice to have the time and energy to go out and find the stuff I really want.

I so hope all your pain goes away soon Jamie or at least gets to a manageable level.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

desert dirt diva said...

sorry to hear about all your pain....And i do know what you mean about the boat, when i go to smocha's there is nothing more relaxing than lazing around on her boat, its so pretty there...and well we just have a goood time...

Kelly Jene said...

Oh honey, I'm sorry you're having so much pain. You really have to be careful with how much you're doing. We both know our bodies have limitations that we have to be aware of. I knew that today when I moved the trunk at the end of my bed... bad move. You are in my prayers!

SOUL: said...

how could you not have told me about the tv issues after all this time??
oh crap i gotta go--
i'll share my unwelcomed advice manyana

Cheryl said...

I recommend swimming, even though I'm so sore from tonight's mile. Tired and sore and ready for bed.

I'm so sorry you can't go camping. Another time? Enjoy taking care of yourself this weekend!

Cheryl said...

I recommend swimming, even though I'm so sore from tonight's mile. Tired and sore and ready for bed.

I'm so sorry you can't go camping. Another time? Enjoy taking care of yourself this weekend!

Summer said...

I'm so exhausted after reading this. Where do you get the energy?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah I'm so sorry to hear about the pain. Pray for some magic to chase the pain away... maybe some belly dancing will help? :)

It's the long Memorial weekend, 3 days without work, woohoo!!! :)

SOUL: said...

well.. i dont have any advice--welcomed or unwelcome actually--
but i am back-- hmm, and i see now that it does no bit of good-- because-- well.. i got nothin to say.
i dont know-- i dropped a huge tv off a bed once-- yes a bed-- we were moving - it was on the bed-- ready to move to the dresser-or stand or whatever-- and somehow--the damn thing rolled of the bed just like a friggin baby- before i could catch it-- gravity was faster- it hit the floor-- some internal part broke-- and it sounds like what yours is doin-- or maybe it just wouldnt turn on-- but anyhow-- it cost like 100 bucks to have somethin inside saudered. (sp?)
anyhow the estimate was free--so we thought it wouldnt hurt to get the estimate before trashing the tv. so maybe you could get a free estimate? dx? whatever? before you make a final decision? then if they fix the wrong thing-- it's on them.. isn't it???

i dont know
but i think im goin back to bed.

--if this crap keeps up like this on my end-- i may end up with bed sores-- i cant take another day like today--
help me jamieeeee.

we should do trading spouses. or some such thing. you know-- the meet your new mommy one. LOL
our kids would hate their new mommys wouldnt they?
bwa ha hahahah

anyhow-- i think i'm gettin off this thing-- if your up-- text or call me-- i was asleep earlier and missed the last one.
text-tag :))
why no post today-- you ok?
hope so-- i didnt post either but i slept all day