Monday, September 01, 2008

Whatever day this is...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood---and I do mean that literally, as I am currently sitting on my balcony watching the sun rise as I write this. I have to wear my robe...fall is in the air, and the idea of that excites me. It's entirely too bad that our beautiful fall season here in the Midwest is ruined by the idea of the coming winter...they have become much too long and harsh for my personal taste.

I have been up most of the night once again, for various reasons, but mainly due to the "espresso with cream" drink in a can that I bought on the way home from a friends barbecue last night. To be honest, I didn't even give the caffeine a thought, and the coffee drink was really good. Not as good as it should have been to cause a whole, long night awake, but good.

We spent the late afternoon and evening at Mark's friend Kevin's house...his kids were in town and it was great seeing them---for what had been the first time in years. It's funny how you think that only you grow older...but last night was proof that we all do - these kids used to play and run around with mine...and they are now all grown up with spouses and kids. That can only mean one thing---I am REALLY getting old.

It has been a relatively quiet weekend, I have had NO kiddos here...that certainly seems strange. They have been at the lake all weekend, well most of them - and I have heard they have had a great time. The break from the chaos has been good, but today, I hope to see a couple or more of them. It has been the plan all weekend for Mark and I to be at the house working today, I'm not too sold on that idea at this time, however. I guess we'll just see how it goes.

It is MONDAY today, isn't it? In my head---it feels like Sunday. Here goes another week of being all screwed up and not knowing what day it is...There are no construction sounds going on, the gym is not wonder I thought it was Sunday. I have always liked labor day, it's one of the few holidays each year that requires no rituals...

My body is tired today but I feel a walk coming on...I hope that your day today is sunny--fun--and peaceful. Out.


ac said...

Labor Day here always means something grilled ... unless it's raining, like now. I'm on the fringes of Hurricane Gustav this morning. It's raining all right. ha! I still have power but the cable has gone out so no tv. The wind is howling at around 50 mph. Fun Fun... NOT! lol Wish me luck that I keep my air conditioning. If that goes out, my day will turn ugly. ha!

Have a great day up there! She me some of that 'fall is in the air' stuff. Hugs! ac

ac said...

what happened to my 'send'? lol


have a great day doing whatever it is that you want to do.

hopefully with a catnap too!


abbagirl74 said...

Oh, wish I could enjoy this beautiful day outside!

Mary said...

A quiet day with no rituals is welcome. I love the high energy of a crowd but it's nice to be low energy for a day.

I hope you can have a nap and really relax and have a pain free day.

SOUL: said...

hiya pal...
you sure do have a sensitive "system" dontcha?
one can of coffee keeps you up all night-- half a pain pill knocks you out for a month..
2 beers make ya loopy...
i could go on but i won't.
i hope you were able to talk yourself into stayin home and avoiding the labor at the house. those things are better left to mark and the chillens these days.

i'm puttin my kid in training real soon to take over the hard labor out here-- no really, i mean it this time :))

how was your walk? where are you and whatchya doin?

i been in this same coma in this same chair since-- i think like 4? 6? hell i don't even remember. but it's been a long, chainsmokin, brain dead time.

i want to spend the rest of the day in bed-- again.. whether it's sleepin or not-- but i have to go take photos soon with my kid. any other day that might be fun.
today? well, not so much.

you're fallin behind on my blog btw-- :((
right after you scolded me for doin it to you.
shame on you.

anyways-- hope you see your kids and get some rest today-

Mo said...

I love the kitty pictures you sharer with us. Adorable!

I hope you enjoy your day doing whatever it is you do.

Mo said...

I love the kitty pictures you sharer with us. Adorable!

I hope you enjoy your day doing whatever it is you do.

Summer said...

Was it a good day?