Friday, August 29, 2008

Haiku Friday

So much to do now

but one big task off my list

ice cream store closed up



SOUL: said...

haha i'm FIRST !!!!

SOUL: said...

know what else?

i'm psychic too--- cuz a couple days ago, i was gonna ask you when you were gonna write another haiku--
what inspired you?
that's what i wanna know.
cuz it's been on MY mind for a while--
i miss your haikus.

keep writin.

are you up-- or did you go back to bed?

i am happy the ics is done with for a while!
now you can focus on more important things-- and hopefully a bit less physical ones. and not hurt so bad.

ps--- i'm here !!!! you aren't there !!!
i almost woke up up at 349
but then i went back to sleep-- and missed my alarm, then slept til 6-
i think i need a new alarm.. i just don't hear it anymore. hmmm.

happy friday--
come find me-- i'll be away from 8 ish to 840 ish but then ahhl be back-

oxy :))

Mary said...

Glad the ICS is closed. Guess this means fall is moving in. If I had that 'series 6 study manual' I would probably go back to bed and cover my head but I know you'll do well - as usual.

Have a good day - sending hugs and a big smile.

fiwa said...

Lol... I love the clock and your haiku. Glad for you to have one less thing on your list.

Happy Friday -

Cheryl said...

I never did ask if you're an ice cream eater. I just love the stuff and try not to buy my favorite flavors. The Duettes I bought last month are still in the freezer. Not bad but not great, obviously. Glad that's one task off your list. I like your haiku. I'll have to try it.

My favorite part of Ikea is the non-furniture part. And, I'll write a follow-up to the bags.

Now...back to studying for you and work for me.

Kelly Jene said...

Nice haiku! Great job!


good for you
Sad for the kiddies
another reminder that summer is over


desert dirt diva said...

I love the clock picture.

The Real Mother Hen said...

hhmm... a few people said the summer is over, I would say, nah, it's the damn global warming, or the other side of it, whatever! Kill me! Ha :)