Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday, I feel better just for spite

Good Morning.

I did survive the shopping, and I got several new things. I cannot tell you how much I detest going into a store, looking for anything that might appeal/work/suffice...and then lugging it around until you have to go into that little room, get nearly bare-ass naked with all of those damned mirrors there, and try this one on, then that one on, and oh-hey-will that one work with this? Ugh. But I managed and survived. I will look somewhat professional on my interview today.

I have been severely spoiled these past years, and have not had to wear business clothes at my job. Most days, jeans were the item of choice, as I never knew if I would be in the front or the back, and dress clothes in the service department really, really didn't work. Since my recent back and neck issues, I have been told my my Dr to never wear heels again, and that too, makes looking professional very difficult. I did buy some shoes, one with a tiny heel, I cannot put on a suit with a completely flat shoe. I cannot.

So, it's back to the city today, for an interview for me. Then it's back to the city tomorrow, for a tour of a facility that Mark and I have applied to manage, together. Too much driving. So far, no journey's in the works for Friday, and that would be unusual, most interviews don't happen on Friday.

Wish me luck. Have a good day. Later.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! Will be praying for you!


Good luck with the interview!!
The right one will come along!!
and it's hump day today too!!


Mary said...

With the shopping behind you the interviews will be a breeze. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

Good luck, Jamie!! Hope it goes well. I am sure you look awesome.


Brad said...

Good Luck Sis - Pls post later and tell us how it went !

Portia said...

GREAT title:) Good luck with the interview! I hope it goes well. I'm sure you look fantastic for all your shopping efforts. I hate to do it too, half the time I don't even try the stuff on which doesn't tend to work out well. ANyway. You will be great. I'm wishing you luck, crossing my fingers and saying a prayer!

Anonymous said...

Good luck i love you! Your my hero :) ! Love Gf aka Stephie

Kelly Jene said...

Good luck!! I hope you get a job that works wonderfully for your family. I'm sure you look lovely in your suit!


Cheryl said...

If wishes come true, you'll both get the right job. Comfort is the most important thing with wardrobe. I'm lucky that I can wear all black. And flat shoes. I love not having to make clothing decisions.

I'll be checking back on you!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Wishing you all kinds of good luck and positive thoughts. Keep us posted. Sorry about your daughter's choice...believe me I KNOW what you're going through. Mine made those wrong decisions TWICE. She has a child to show for each bad choice... the men have walked off into the sunset without a care. I think this last one may have cured her though...she says NEVER AGAIN. I am afraid to believe her. She makes HORRIBLE decisions when it comes to men.

Maria said...

I'm smiling because I remember well after I went back to work after staying home to raise Liv for five years.

The clothes in my closet from my former corporate life were two sizes too small!!! What a kick in the pants. So, I took my pouty disbelieving ("I can't believe that I have gotten THAT fat. The clothes must have shrunk!") to stores and there I had to face myself in that big, big mirror in that very small dressing room.


And, as always, friend....fingers crossed for you.

bonnie said...

I can't wait to read the next one!

SOUL: said...

i'm more than 24 hours late! holy hell.

and on a day that i cannot think.

so i will just say

oatmeal sucks.

happy thursday-