Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday and Friday take too long

And another day.

Here we are again, just you and me.

Another day, another dollar.

We meet again.

How many more cliche' greetings can I come up with, you ask? Sorry, I am not myself this morning. I have no idea why. It was a bad night, after an okay day.

I had two interviews yesterday, and I have no idea how either of them went. I hate the business of job hunting, I am not good at it. I have become way too direct in my life, no bullshit, tell it like it is. And we all know there is no room for that kind of thinking when you are looking for work. Finding suitable employment requires deception and dancing around the other person, and playing the f'ing game, none of which I want to do. I know how to play it, but seriously at my age, why in the hell should I have to? I ask the questions they are never ready to answer. I give the answers that I am certain they don't want to hear. I cannot change now. Or perhaps I am just unwilling. But either way, I am not so sure that any of what went on yesterday was in my favor. And I won't know, until I hear that I got one of them, which I think is unlikely. I don't necessarily want either job, one is managing a huge bowling alley/restaurant, which I think would be fun, and I feel certain that I am qualified, but the hours would be killer. The other is selling and Finance and Insurance products to car dealers, which I feel certain I could do, but I'm not certain I want to. In both cases, I would have to take a pretty hefty pay cut, but I expected that. There would be potential in both, for moving up with the company and in the area of pay. So, I have left it all to God. I will interview my little heart out, and try my best to say and do all the right things, and then He can do the rest.

Today, Mark and I have to tour a facility that we have both applied to manage, together. I think this job sounds interesting, but apparently there are many folks that have felt that way, only to find it isn't the sort of thing they were looking for, so this company insists that you tour before you interview. So, we will drive to the city again. Today. Ugh.

I haven't seen my mom since the weekend, and I got a rather ugly text message from her about it yesterday. Yes folks, my mother is the queen of the text message, at 73. In some ways that makes me laugh. It's amazing how easily she can be pissy, with so few words to work with, but I have to admit, she's damned good at it.

Hope each of you have the best Thursday possible. Later. :)


Maria said...

I think it would be kind of fun to manage a bowling alley and that you are the perfect person to do that!

It sounds like a great sitcom to me too! I mean, think about it. Who would play you in it? I say...Joan Cusack.

bonnie said...

I absolutely hate looking for jobs. It terrifies me. All those risk/rejection issues surface. Makes my teeth chatter. I applaud your courage. I am in tune with your process now and look forward to reading every day with you.

Gypsy said...

Job hunting sucks, can't argue with that and I hate that they have all the power while the interviewee has to toe the party line. Isn't it a mutual need thing? You know....they need you, you need them? I'm not helping am I but then I'm like you....always gotta say what I think...*chuckle*.

Maybe you'll get lucky and have someone like me interview you. I would always employ a straight shooter over an ass kisser any day but thats just me.

Good luck with all it Jamie, I really mean it.

Oh and about your mother? My mum even uses all the abbreviated text like the kids do. God knows where she learned it but she can send a mean message when she has a mind to. It's amazing how the guilt trip still manages to get through without a word being spoken isn't it?

Portia said...

Before I know it - oh wait! I don't want to steal your next title, but it's a good song to have rolling around in my head:) Your mom is funny. Mine isn't 60 yet and she acts like she doesn't even know how to use the cell phone. (She does.) I hope today goes well for you guys. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a job, especially when you need one.

abbagirl74 said...

Job hunting is the pits. I feel for you. I cracked up about the texts your mom sends you though. Totally hip.

Rebecca said...

I can't stand job hunting, but I have learned to make myself continue to do so, even while I am employed. Keeps the skills a little sharper.

I agree that the bowling alley job sounds kinda fun, and you'd be good at it! Selling insurance of any kind seems more of a soul killer, though, in my opinion. Hope the tour goes well...and that it culls the collection of applicants such that you are the obvious candidates.

And, Jamie, any technology that makes it easier for moms to bitch out their adult kids should be banned!!! (something I will keep in mind as mine gets to be an adult)

SOUL: said...

am i lucky number seven?
or am i slacker seven?

i didn't even come over yesterday.

i think it was the first day in the history of my finding your blog that i didn't come over (with internet access) --- but-- before you feel that nasty sting of rejection-- i didn't go to anybody's.
i still feel bad tho. sorry.

anyhow-- i do wish you the best of the luck on the job thing. i hope you get the one that will bring you the most happiness. it isn't always about the money you know? i have made decent money and been so miserable i wanted to die... and i have made crappy money and actually looked forward to waking up and going in. and that is what makes the difference in a persons attitude and life. why be miserable for a job or lifestyle. i just don't see the sense in it.
i have seen hubby deal with the same issues -- no matter the money-- if he isn't happy with what he does for work-- it affects all of us-- not only him. we would all rather sacrifice the lifestyle and be happy-- than to have a car payment and nicer home and be miserable.

so anyhow-- it's be nice if you could be happy AND make good money-- but if it's a choice-- i hope you get the happy!!! (or BOTH)

anyways hope you have a good day today. and have some kinda fun too.

and even if ya don't like it-- i think it rocks that mom can text better than me! :))


(i wonder if i'm still number 7?)

Kelly Jene said...

Job hunting is the worst job of all.

I think the job with you and hubby would be neat.

The comment about your mom texting is so funny to me. My mom doesn't even use the internet and she's 58. She's still in the early 80's technology wise.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Managing a bowling alley would be interesting I think. Maybe it will come through for you. I just hate going to job interviews. I actually interview badly. I am nervous and it shows. The man who hired me for the job I worked for over 25 yrs hired me because of my handwriting. He was into handwriting analysis and could "read" me...I guess he liked what he read. LOL
I was a supervisor for a while in that job and it was my job to hire civilians in my division. I never made a mistake. I was good at it...I just would talk to them and I could "feel it" if they could do the job. Hopefully, one of your interviewers will be like that. You have a HUGE wealth of experience under your belt. Just remember, what's meant for you will come through...God takes care of us like that. In the meantime, get some much needed rest.
BTW, we have 5 inches of new snow predicted for tonight, believe it or not! Arghhhhh

Golden To Silver Val said...
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desert dirt diva said...


Cheryl said...

I'd hate interviewing. Just the thought would cause an anxiety attack! I hope you find a job you'll like. Wouldn't that be a bonus?

Too funny about your mom, but good for her. I love it when I outdo something technical with my daughter.

Terri said...

73 and texting - that is HILARIOUS! I don't even text message.

SOUL: said...

told ya i was here/// and above here--
sorry i missed a couple-- :((