Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday, I get a little sideways

Help, I'm drowning in numbers...

I did manage to get our own taxes done yesterday, we owe the Feds, but get back about half of what we owe from the state. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the IRS? I am still working on getting it all pulled together for the Ice Cream Store, I don't know why this job is so hard for me this year.

My telephone interview from yesterday has been rescheduled for tomorrow. The thing is, the woman CALLED to ask me if that would be okay...does anyone else see the humor in that? Ugh..Also, I got a call from another place I had applied to and I have a face to face with them on Wednesday afternoon. At this point, I will pretty much agree to anything and take the job, I am getting pretty freaked out, and that feeling grows daily.

Janelle is not living here anymore, although I did not know that until yesterday. She had been gone all weekend, which is not unusual, but didn't bother to tell me that she had taken EVERYTHING with her this time. Uh, okay. But I was pretty shocked when I walked into her room yesterday and it was empty. I suppose she can do whatever she wants, obviously she can, but I cannot be the Mom she wants me to be when I know that what she is doing is wrong. I don't like him, I never have. He hurt her, on SO MANY levels. My words were strong, and if you all know me, I don't act that way with my children. I am fair, above all, I am fair. The mere fact that I DISAGREE with her decision should be enough of a red flag for her, even when her brain is not operating, that should be enough. The things that I know about him that I cannot and won't tolerate, came from her. I would not know any of them had she NOT chosen to tell me, and now she pays the price. It's too bad, and it rips my guts right out of my body. But I cannot watch it happen again. That leaves me, where? Well, here of course. And her there. And I pray that she is strong enough to take it, once again. Before you all tell me that I have to let her make her own mistakes, believe me, I know that. I really do. She is not a child, and has already made a few. I only hoped that she would learn from them. Perhaps she never will.

I have to shop today. It is my favorite thing to do, as you all know...lol. I have to go the city and buy some clothes. I may not survive. I will let you all know. Have a good Tuesday.


Cheryl said...

I'll stay with the safe subject...the shopping. I hate to do it too. I love Marshall's though, and bought 5 tops yesterday. I'll go back again soon for more, then I'll be done!

I hope you actually like one of the jobs. Good luck!!

SOUL: said...

ehem.. well.. i guess i'm a little late in reading this -- as i already gave the unwanted blah blah blah words of non-wisdom.

so-- this would be me-- removing my foot from my big mouth.



yes-- i doublit
good luck with the shopping--and the interviewing.

things are gonna go just the way they're sposed to-- you know that. maybe you don't feel or see it just yet-- but i do.
just like you do in my "stuff".

it's our turn.. you know .

i hope you have a feel good day!

Mary said...

I don't envy you this day. You have to go shopping for clothes. That's worse than detailing the car. I hope the interviews are easy and relaxed. New job - new outlook. I wish only the best for you.

Brad said...

So we just move out with out saying a word because we don't won't to hear Mom's opinon ?

Yup, that was me at that age. Kinda makes ya smile at least when your not the Mom.

I'll keep my fingers crossed on the interviews.

Kelly Jene said...

I did the same thing. But my mom was the type to say "well if it all goes to hell, don't come whining to me". You seem like even then you wouldn't be that mean. Hugs for mom.

As for shopping. I hate it with a passion. I get it done as quickly as possible. Now for home stuff (not groceries) I could shop for hours. :)

JYankee said...

me too..i'll stay with the shopping.... hope it is good!

Gypsy said...

Well you know me....I haven't read the comments from the post below but I do want to say something about Janelle.

Our kids are our kids whether they are 10 or 80 and of course you don't want her to make any mistakes. But she will and you will be there when she does. It's a mother's instincts to protect her child and that's all you are doing. Janelle is not listening because at the moment her bf's voice is the one she hears the loudest. Christ I'm still making the same mistakes and I'm 48. The only thing I've learned is not to tell my mother ANYTHING.

Good luck with the job hunting and don't feel desperate yet. It only feels like a long time that you've been unemployed and you want it to be over. Job hunting is one of the most soul destroying "jobs" there is. Just don't sell yourself short Jamie. Any employer would be lucky to have you. Do you know how few people there are out there with good old fashioned values and ethics? Not bloody many.

Ok I'm done. You must've known I wouldn't keep quiet :)

desert dirt diva said...

enjoy shopping!!!!good luck on ur job interviews... have a good night..happy humpday early

The Real Mother Hen said...

I L-O-V-E the IRS which basically asks 2 questions and make 1 statement:
How much did you earn? How much did you have left? Now please give all!
It's like L-O-V-E, requires one to give constantly without asking for anything in return.

Rebecca said...

Oh, taxes. How I do detest that chore. This year we got a smaller refund than last, but it all goes to pay off the debt we've accrued with them. When my husband and I both work full time, we get NAILED by the IRS. GAH.

I am sorry that Janelle didn't leave through the front door saying a proper good bye. That has to be the hardest part. As for mistakes, well, I think I'll leave that alone, as I know from watching my nephew leave home that the sure way to get them to leave home is to tell them that their partner is a mistake. I reckon we were the same way.

Since I know how the shopping turned out, I'm gonna leave THAT part alone. What, me? Play it safe?? Puhleeeze :)


Portia said...

I'm sorry. It is hard to care (and know) so much and yet have no control. I put my mother through a similar hell and like Rebecca, had to learn to not tell her every last thing.
YAY for everything else! Personal taxes done:) Interviews lined up:) I hope they go well!!

bonnie said...

I have friends who have whined and cried to me about their terrible trials and it makes me crazy when they just continue on as if they had no tears or those weren't their words. If my daughter acts this way I call her straight out on it and she listens. I would be more like Janelle and escape from the truth into my own badness. No wonder my friends make me crazy. They are just mirrors.