Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ah... the excitement

Yesterday was not the day I thought it would be, but it turned out okay. Janelle was not able to make it home, there was snow in Atlanta, and that is the main hub that Delta a result, she was bumped until Monday. I read that she wasn't unhappy about it at all on her blog, so I guess it's all good. Mark or Craig will have to pick her up late in the day on Monday, so I will not have to go all the way to Kansas City, something I'm not unhappy about.

So we spent a good part of yesterday with my Mom, and it was good to see her. She is better than the last time, her bronchitis/pneumonia is gone, and they have now scheduled her surgery for Monday. Hell. Everything is happening on Monday. I don't see how I can be there, both Mark and I cannot be away from the garage at the same time, or there would be no one to take care of the service department. That also screws up the plans I was hoping to have for Wednesday, my birthday. So, anyway, I don't know. But I was happy to see my Mother, it has been too long. I can tell that she is really, REALLY not well. I had better see her now, while I can. It could be too late before long. After that, we went to the grocery store, my favorite place in the world---not. I sat in the car and read while Mark went in and shopped, isn't he the best? The rest of the evening was spent sleeping. Such total excitement...

Today I have to work - from here - on taxes for several people and gathering numbers and receipts for the Ice Cream Store. I have carried all of that home now, and I have file boxes in my dining room/office and I have to get it all put away in the new file cabinet that we bought yesterday. I cannot stand the clutter. So, it will be a boring day, but I plan to get alot done, and I certainly have plenty to do. It's hard to handle all of it from here, I have always kept the record for all the business's in my office at work, so this is new. I already have two file cabinets here, full of old records from the race track, so what's a few more?

My race is on early today, it's in Atlanta. I hope the snow quit-it was snowing yesterday when they were trying to qualify.

So, these are my plans. What are you all doing today?

Have a good day.


Brad said...

Good Morning Sunshine. I'm up with the chickens and you ! We're off to Brunch with My Mom later this morning. But now I'm off to check out Janelle's site. Don't work all day - go have some fun.

SOUL: said...

sloppy seconds????
well... at least i beat gypsy and yankee!!!

have a perfect day today ...

ps.. not boring..

Gypsy said...

You go Soul!!!

I'm glad to hear your mum is doing better although she is obviously still very unwell. I hope her surgery goes well on Monday and sorry to hear that you may not be able to be there.

Mark sounds like a wonderful husband, in fact he sounds a lot like Craig. He does so much for me too without a word of complaint or at least he does when he's bloody well

Hope you get on top of all you have to do Jamie. It never ends eh?

Caroline said...

Laundry, tanning and a visit to Shady Pines. Hold me back!

Mary said...

NASCAR is a go. The snow is gone. Carl E. is swearing his "happening" was an accident. Roush is calling toyota's rep, White, an ankle bitting Chihuahua. Offering to take lie detector tests. Acting like a bunch of little boys in a sandbox fighting over a shovel full of sand. Forget the worries of today and watch the comedy that's playing out pre-race.

SOUL: said...

hi gypsy--

shady pines hahahaha
you know.. that's where i'm headed too-- fast!

anyhow-- jamie---i'm tiahd! wth is wrong with me??

and whaddayadoin?

i'm hungry!
latah bebe`

Mary said...

No doubt about it - Tony doesn't like Goodyear!

Golden To Silver Val said...

The last 4 days have gone by in a flash for me and I haven't gotten hardly a thing accomplished. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a time warp...and tomorrow is Monday and that means WORK. Sigh. Hope your Sunday is a pleasant one.

Anonymous said...'S been a wild and crazy weekend for me too! I am REALLY late commenting here... Soul beat us! Waaah...

Foster Communications said...

Enjoy all the time you can with your mom. Each day is a gift. Best of luck with the upcoming surgery.

And a happy early birthday to you!

Cheryl said...

How did the race go? Today I watched more than I ever have before...the singing of the anthem. Woohoo! I need to watch it with a fan, I guess.

Was it a good day? Did you accomplish what you wanted?

Kelly Jene said...

Soul, Gypsy, you two are too funny.

Jamie, I hope your day was productive. And I hope your birthday surprises you.

Take care!

Portia said...

so glad your mom is feeling better! i hope things go well today.
and a VERY HAPPY early birthday to you:)