Thursday, February 07, 2008

The best is yet to come

February 7th 2008. Happy birthday to my child - my beautiful daughter, Janelle. She is now thirty minus two. Her words-not mine. I know the events of late are making her feel like this birthday is something to be ignored, but how can I do that? She is my baby. There won't be much partying done today, lunch out, perhaps a cake fairy will bring one in to the job today...but this weekend, it's another trip to the Red Lobster, (oh darn), with a friend or two of hers (and mine) along with the family. I have nothing to give to her gift-wise, she already has purchased her plane ticket south and that is from me. This is going to be her year though, just wait and see. It can only go up from here...the best is yet to come.

Life in the real world is getting me down - and I'm not referring to the obvious here, I don't mean the events of the past few weeks. I am talking about the WEATHER. The weather. The stupid winter from hell, that will not let up. To quote a blogging friend of mine that lives one state over to the west: "It will not quit fucking snowing." I really, really, REALLY have had it with the weather this year. I know, it's weather. It's only the weather. I hate to listen to old people talk about the damned weather. I guess I am getting old - because I cannot have a conversation recently, where the weather does not come up. I hear myself chiming right in...on a subject that is really the most boring, ridiculous thing ever to discuss. But it won't stop. fucking. snowing. Iowa is known for being one of the most extreme weather states-if you don't like the weather here, wait an hour or two, it will change. But give me a break! I seriously cannot take much more. Currently, if CrazyDog wants to walk beyond the shoveled area that is available to her, she has to hop like a rabbit. Front legs, back legs, front legs, back legs...because the snow is taller than she is. I cannot have a clean floor anywhere in my house - and it isn't because I don't try. I think this may be the one that really does do me in. It is affecting everyone's mood, everyone's life....oh hell, I cannot take much more. I think a visit to a place that is warm in the VERY near future may be on my agenda. I have got to have a break. HAVE TO. Are you listening husband? Okay, so enough of that...

It looks like the sale of the business that I work for will take place in March. So, that will probably mean that I will be unemployed by the end of March. That thought both excites and terrifies me. I have got to get busy with the task of finding something else, very soon. As much as I would like to take a break from working, it's not really too realistic to think that I can. The bills - you know. Got to bring in the money, so I can keep everyone happy...mostly the creditors. I have really tried to imagine my life without that place, and it's impossible. I have had every part of my world wrapped around that car dealership for so long, that I am completely unable to even imagine any other way. I keep telling myself that the right thing will present itself...and it may. With my help, of course. I am still somewhat buried on my current job, and it takes all I have to manage that. I have no idea how I will ever have the strength to look for something else. The ice cream store is due to open in one month. The future of that place is rather uncertain, too. I have no idea who will be running that show this year, but I'm sure that I will have to have a hand in it, and the idea of that makes me want to cry. I suppose it will all work out, but for a person like me, who needs their whole life mapped out in front of them, this is torture.

And it's tax time once again. Oh how I love the IRS. They take half my pay, and then want more in April. I think I should be able to claim my adult children...I still pay out the nose for them, why not? And CrazyDog. And kitty #1 and #2. They all cost a fortune. I want social security numbers for them---do you think that would work? I need to get busy with the taxes, I do them for so many...myself, all my kids including GF, owners girlfriend at work, an employee here or!

This will be a long day for me...we are open from eight to eight. I am not looking forward to it, for some reason, I am not feeling all that great. I think I am just tired, but pain is becoming my friend once again...

I hope that you have a good, good Thursday. If you are living somewhere where it isn't cold and doesn't snow, get outside, for me. :)

Spellcheck - where the hell are you?


Gypsy said...

Happy Birthday Janelle!!! Don't worry Jamie, our weather has been quite bearable lately, not too hot, so I will go out and soak up some rays for you tomorrow ok?

Maybe there is an even better job on your horizon and the sale of the current business is a blessing in disguise. You never know......

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Janelle!

I remember last year in upstate NY and the lake effect snows kept dumping on them day after day. I feel bad for you. I can't imagine what it would be like.

Hang in there!

Oldy said...

Happy Birthday Year Janelle:)

And thanks for the laughs Jamie.I needed that:)

This weather is suckin the life out of all of us:(

Come on SPRING!!!!

SOUL: said...

you hit on soooo many subjects-- just how am I supposed to remember them all?

i do know that winter sucks... if i get depressed in winter here-- in 30's (on occasion) i know i would die there. you know that too. i really do feel for you-- and i do know you need to get somewhere WARM.. even if for a couple days. that is not totally impossible ya know. so ummm.. don't give up on that idea yet.

as for the job-- i know that it is very stressful for you-- i bet is very comparable to getting out of the military after a couple of terms. the security will be gone, and it will take some time to get used to something different. but maybe something different is just what you need. happiness isn't there. you will find something that you look forward to going to... rather than running the perceived shitty day through your mind before you even open your eyes in the morning. and you deserve that. i believe that will happen for you.
i believe that a lot will happen for you.

it's your turn jamie.

good things are coming your way-

big hugs today

and i'll see what i can do about that cake fairy--


Josie Two Shoes said...

Janelle and I are birthday twins - how cool! I hope the next year of her life turns out to be every bit as wonderful as I expect mine to be! So sad that you "have" to go to Red Lobster this weekend, it's on my celebrating agenda for Saturday night too! I can taste that mound of crab legs now! :-)

I hear you on the job hunting after so many years in the same place. I will be doing the same. It is scary, but I have to believe that God wouldn't bring us to it if He wasn't going to see us thru it. We are both long overdue for a change and life will be better for it in the end. Like you, it's the uncertainty that scares me.

I wish I could melt some of that snow for you. I remember well how one begins to hate it my February and March. Let's hope for a warm front soon! That darn weather is the one reason I decided not to return to Dakota. I think you should relocate your family to warmer places. Arizona was nice and warm, remember? :-)

Have a good day inspite of everything Jamie, you are loved!

Mary said...

Make that birthday triplets: Janelle, Jamie, and Maddie (our 1 year-old grandaughter who lives far, far away). Happy, happy birthday to all three.

I don't envy you the weather you're seeing this winter. I watch the weather reports and wonder how long this will go on. Every time I start to complain about weather in north Alabama, I feel guilty. Dull, gray, and above freezing is not pretty but we can be outside without fear of frostbite.

Rebecca said...

A happy birthday to Janelle!! She deserves it, for Pete's sake!

Sorry the weather won't abate over there. Here in NY we had 68 degrees. WTF??? in FEBRUARY?? Oh, and I slept thought it. Felt crappy (nah, no stress in my world) so took the day off and slept. It is now in the 40s. I am not complaining. I just seems that winter forgot to visit NY.

I hope the job situation works out. Just because they sold the business doesn't necessarily put you out of work does it? Man, job hunting and taxes suck! I've paid every year i've been married. GRRRRR.

Brad said...

Happy Birthday to Janelle - Try and stay warm & sane !

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to Janelle and happy birth day to you. Twenty eight years ago, huh? Well, I hope it's the start of a good year for her. New beginnings.

I saw a picture of your snow yesterday. Just amazing and hard for us to comprehend. It's fine for you to complain. Who wouldn't?

I hope you can at least take a break after this job is done. And, I don't remember reading about the ice cream store. Hmmm.

I'll be thinking about you.

ac said...

I went outside for you today. The daffodils are up and blooming. I picked a few and put them in a vase on the kitchen table. They smell wonderful! It was 67ish today. Now it's 48. Tomorrow it will be back up near 70. Come to northwest Floreeduh. You will like it here!

Happy Birthday Janelle!

Anonymous said...

Happy B Janelle! yeah..but Red Lobster??? Yum yum..there's a chain here too..I made papa bean go to one last time we were near...

Portia said...

I hope you get a break in the weather! I would not do well in a climate like that. We technically have four seasons, but winter seems to be getting weaker every
It is a strange feeling to be excited and terrified over the same thing at the same time isn't it? I am excited for you, and while I know it will work out, I know not knowing just how sucks. But it will:)
Happy Birthday to Janelle! And yes, I hve to agree: the best is yet to come.

SOUL: said...

you're lookin for spellcheck-- and i'm lookin for YOU--
do i have to come dig you out of the snow???

ok, don't, you can sleep in.

but i'm around... k

abbagirl74 said...

Spell check is driving me crazy as well. I have been using my google spell check, cuz' I just have to.

The weather is getting old already. We only got two inches of snow and most of it is melted.

Hang in there kid. It's going to be a wonderful weekend! Okay?


Foster Communications said...

Happy Birthday Janelle!

MN missed the snow but it's going to be butt-clenching cold this weekend. The only remedies I can think to tell you are to listen to Jimmy Buffet and go to a tanning salon. Close your eyes and for 15 minutes you'll be on vacation. :)

(p.s. my collar is off!!!!)

The Real Mother Hen said...

*hug* to you my friend. You and your family are in my prayer.

I have no idea how to describe the weather now. So much snow, so much slush (sudden melting), then now suddenly ice all over. WTF! I really have enough this year!

Tax time sucks really :(

SOUL: said...

should i send cheesecake?

how bout cheesecake and beer?

cheesecake and a KEG of beer?

cheesecake and a KEG and a blanket?

how bout well, one of those fairies you and i talked about to deliver them???? :))-->--<


Beth said...

where IS spellcheck???? I have to actually try to spell things correctly!!!

Happy Birthday Janelle! and I hope you're feeling better, pain wise. Sorry I haven't been around in a while!

Maria said...

I can no longer see the bird bath in my back yard. There are no words for how much I hate February, yes...especially THIS year of the "snow that will not FUCKING end.."

Happy Birthday, Janelle. To be 30 minus 2 was a very sweet time in my life. I hope yours will be as well.