Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh joy...

Yesterday's predicted snow (from a dusting on one channel to up to two inches on another), turned out to be quite a blizzard. It was coming down quite heavily and had been for a couple of hours, so about three yesterday afternoon, I told the owner I was going to get home before dark rather than try and drive in the white crap at that time. So, I packed up my briefcase and set off, in my own little car, as I have been driving it, rather than something off the lot. I didn't make it a mile down the road before I was stuck twice! TWICE! My car is front wheel drive with traction control, and the snow was deep but it had been plowed off the was just the funniest snow I have ever tried to drive in. I would turn the wheel of my car, but my car would not turn, at least not right away, and both times I managed to get stuck, I would veer off into a pile of plowed snow on the side of the road. I was so irritated. I am by no means a new driver in snow and I couldn't understand what the hell...I did manage to get unstuck okay, although I hurt the hell out of my neck doing so, but I turned around, went back to the dealership, got H and and four wheel drive, and we both took off for home. On the way, we saw several others who had issues, in ditches...stuck, the whole deal. On the news later, they did manage to say that travel was not recommended...I thought that was helpful. teehee

Needless to say, this morning my neck hurts like a you know what, and I know it's from trying to see all around me rocking my car out of those snow piles. It has been hurting anyway, but that sure didn't help. I believe I was just telling you all yesterday how much I hate winter, and here I am...why do I live in this place? We ended up with about six or seven new inches of the stuff, and we had just gotten rid of the long-frozen, dirty looking, foot or so that had been on the ground for the past month. Oh joy.

CrazyDog thinks its all pretty great, though. She has enough hair on her that she can't feel the snow or cold, and she gets out in it and rolls around and acts like a puppy again. It's deep enough now that she sinks all the way up to her tummy and she's having trouble walking in it..pretty funny to watch.

It's Friday again, another week has gone by. I have made some progress at work but not enough to please me. I just may spend my Sunday at the garage this weekend, all alone, actually getting some work done. When I am there during the week, everyone needs something, the phone rings every second, no one can make a decision without my input, owner needs everything from me, it's complete chaos all the time. I do believe I will work from here tomorrow, and go in on Sunday. It will be the only way.

I hope that all of you have good Friday's---that is generally a great day for everyone. I really think tonight will be the night I get out of the house and do something, whether I feel like it or not. I think we will meet a kid or two for dinner, I'm not sure about that yet, and take it from there. I will catch you all later!


Gypsy said...

Why don't you jump on a plane and come to Australia Jamie? I guarantee you won't have to deal with even a sprinkling of snow. It will be a light trip, you won't need clothes, well only enough to cover the rude bits, we don't want to get you arrested now do we? I am happy to report that the 106 degrees we were predicted to have today was WRONG WRONG WRONG. Instead it was only about 82. Believe me that felt COOL after what we have been enduring the past couple of weeks.

I hope you get to go out tonight and trip the light fantastic. Well that might be overly optimistic but a change of scenery and a few beverages will do you the world of good.

Have a great weekend and don't work too hard.

Summer said... are only the second person that I've heard say "trip the light fantastic." I wonder where it came from.

Jamie...You sound better through your writing, even though I know your neck hurts today. I like the *dusting* of snow you got. Go out and trip some tonight!


Oh man! You see, whenever I read about your weather, I know what's coming towards us..

I love how they-those weather guys urge people to stay off the roads or to leave a location early to avoid the storm,after the storm have started...
I'm sorry to hear about your neck..I hope you're able to have a bit more rest today, and with luck you'll get caught up tomorrow..Just think, soon enough you'll be rewarded with Soul! Literally-well, hopefully!!

Thank you for your sweet comment! Have a great friday!

Cheryl said...

Your work is never finished and I can tell how frustrated you are by that. If working the weekend is a big help, then it's the thing to do, although I'd love to hear about you just lazing around or out doing something fun. One day you will! I hope today's a better one. Rest that neck!

It doesn't seem like winter around here without snow! I'd like to share.

Amanda said...

When living in a place where it rarely snows, one tends to romanticize the whole thing. Thanks for helping me see the other side! Heh.

Have a great Friday.

SOUL: said...

see why i hate snow... well it's not the only reason, but it sure doesn't help any .
glad you were close enough to call in for reinforcements to come rescue your freezin - stuck self.

hope you have a better day today-- and you know i do hope you get to go out tonight
be careful and take care of yourself

Mary said...

I understand about working when everyone is away from the office. I could always accomplish two days work in half a day without the confusion of a regular day around me. Just be careful and don't hurt yourself. Let someone drive you while the roads are so bad.

I'd love to "trip the light fantastic" but I think I've forgotten how. I love the phrase. It's the phrase my parents used when they were going out for a night on the town which meant dinner and dancing or theatre. They lived the good life.

Maria said...

Ugh. Slippy snow. We got a bit of it in Nebraska too.

Bing and I both drive rear wheel drive cars. We must be insane....

CCC said...

Hey girl -- happy friday! Stay warm and don't slip in the snow! I hate driving in it and can relate to your "driving and sliding." Scares the crap outta me.

Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry you hurt your neck in the snow. It stinks when life gets in the way of healing.

I, too, couldn't live in snow, it would drive me batty. Looking at is okay, but living in it? No thanks.

I hope you have a ton of fun tonight! Relax, kick your feet up, have a good time.

Gypsy said...

Hey Jamie, I'm not sure if it's night time there but if it is I hope you are out having a blast.

Summmer: I have no idea where that saying comes from, in fact, I know when to say it but don't even know exactly what it means :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I sure hope your "dusting" doesn't come this far...but it usually does. Gypsy's 82 sounds SO GOOD!!!
Sorry you hurt your neck...just have to remember to take it easy for a while when driving. Hope you make some good memories tonight and this weekend.