Thursday, January 10, 2008

Checking in

Just so y'all know, I'm alive, and as well as I ever am these days.

I worked all day yesterday, it wore me all the way out but I did it. I think that's an improvement, right?

Today is a 12 hour beast of a day, there is no way I will make it all day for that, but maybe by next week? I want to be able to pull my weight at work again...

I am rather depressed these days, I suppose from feeling bad, and the time of year. January and February are always hard months for me, but usually by March I begin to feel better, so there is hope...I have never been a fan of winter and these two months are the hardest, and there is more snow predicted for today, so it just goes on and on.

On a lighter note, I drove for the first time in three months yesterday, and I have to admit it felt pretty good. That did make me smile. :)

I am buried at work, and I feel like I am merely spinning my wheels. My goal each day is to really get alot accomplished, but somehow that doesn't happen. I am going to reward myself at the end of January when I get uncovered with a trip to Soul-land, so I need to get it done!

I hope that your Thursday is warm, sunny and productive. We can at least dream, right? Later.


Anonymous said...

yeah a trip to soul land will do you good! believe me.. i know what you mean about work...yikes...

SOUL: said...

you know i never like to hear that you are in pain or having a rough time, unfortunately-- it seems that it is life-- for now. i do pray it improves... and somehow.. i just feel that it will. i just do. i could be wrong.. but most of the time, when i "feel" this way about something.. somehow , it comes to be. ya know. maybe it seems odd-- but it is true.

it is so good to hear that you drove . i bet that was as exciting as the very first time you drove??
i am happy for you. even through the crap you are going through.. there is some good. don't forget that part. ok? there is good. and the best.. the very best-- you are gonna be a gramma. that has to be wonderful .. it is.. and it will be. and you will be the best ever!

and i do hope you can come to soul-land. you know i hope that. so take care of yourself!!!

and happy thursday...

ps.. "your daughter is freakin awesome"

and so are you
haha i beat gypsy
hi gypsy


12 hours? YUCK!! But you got to drive, and didn't it make you want to just pedal to metal and find an open road and go for a long fun journey?

Happy Thurdays! Go See Soul! She will give you a terrific boost of Soul glow!!

Gypsy said...

Hi Jamie, Hi Soul
I knew she was going to beat me tonight....she's a bugger and a funny one at that.

Now Jamie...that is awesome that you got to drive again. Every little victory is something to be celebrated. Are you still walking? I am so happy to hear that you are going to Soul land. I'm sure that will be a very entertaining trip....hahaha.

Today was about 108F and I think tomorrow is going to be the same. It's way too hot and is messing my body up big time. More hibernating for me I'm afraid which is very difficult when I've got boxes and boxes of Avon to deliver. It certainly is a dilemma but I'm sure I will work it out.

I hope you have a good night/day, not sure where you are at right now. Big hugs and kisses.

Amanda said...

I hear ya about the winter blues. At least you have the visit to look forward to, that's great!

No sunny and warm for us today either. Just fog. SAD-Bulb's working her magic so it's not too bad.

SOUL: said...

OMG-- i thought NM was hell.. jaime .. where does gypsy live? she is in hell.. 108??? omg.. that just might kill me as bad as bein freezin ass cold.

perhaps i really never am happy.
there's just no hope for me is there?

don't feel bad ... it could always be worse---
you could be roasting to death selling avon in gypsy land ie.. HELL in 108 degrees

you could just be ME

and well
you know how that would be


have a great day

ps.. ya know whaT I hate.. (besides hittin the caps on accident?).... is livin directly across from the school and hearin the bell ring EVERY freakin 45 minutes.. it really gets quite irritating after a month or so.

i'm goin now

bye gypsy

and jaimie :))))))))

and HI Janelle!... and little baby

SOUL: said...

oh crap i forgot...
way back.. in a far away land.. when i was a bug lady--
my name online was
just in case you care

Golden To Silver Val said...

Each day is just a tad better than the day will soon reach your goal. Just think where you were before Christmas! 108 degree weather...was in Arkansas once and it got to 110 and I thought I was going to seriously DIE. Poor Gypsy.

Foster Communications said...

At work we always have a party on the last day of January, just because we're glad it's over. Then February comes and we wait for the first 40 degree day, because surely that means spring is on its way.

Kelly Jene said...

Sunny? Yeah right. Productive? I hope so!

I'm sorry these months are rough for you, and it does no good to mention a lot of people go through this, so don't think you're going crazy.

I love to drive and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is a small joy every time I can get behind the wheel.

I hope your day improves!

Cheryl said...

My day was good, but not warm, sunny or productive. Then again, I was off and so it didn't have to be. The winter is hard for a lot of people and you have had all that weather. It's been mild here in MD. That helps.

Glad to hear you had your wheels. Freedom. You're getting it back.

Mary said...

Driving = Freedom. Freedom to move around at will. No waiting for someone to drive you. YEAAAA!
I know you're looking forward to your trip - the two of you seem to have so much fun.

Summer said...

How are you feeling tonight? Still having pain? My day was good in some ways, but in other ways it SUCKED!

We girls need to run away.
To Hawaii.

Cheryl said...

I think you should try putting on your biggest smile. They say it releases endorphines (sp?), whether you're happy or not. I works for me. Of course, I do it when I'm alone so no one thinks I'm an idiot!

I hope your day got much better.