Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday, revisited

It has been quite a long Friday--but I did make a little progress in my work load today. I have a list, and I'm crossing the jobs off, one little thing at a time, and there is some sort of satisfaction in that. I do not function well without a list, I never have. I cannot focus--and sometimes, even with one, it's still difficult. I am working tomorrow, and also on Sunday---but then I plan to take all day off on Monday. I really don't mind working on the weekends, I am able to get more done, the atmosphere in the office is calmer, and that brings better working conditions for me. I am mostly back to my usual hours now, although I have not been able to make to eight pm yet, although I have been able to work a couple of twelve hour days---but I haven't been able to do it until that hour. I get up too early these days, and while I always have, recently I cannot make it that long. I don't know if I ever will, honestly. I am not sure if that makes sense - what I'm saying is, the hours at the garage on the long days are 8-8. I don't seem to be able to do that recently, although I have worked 4-5 once and 6-6 a time or two, but I haven't been able to work as late as eight o'clock since I have been sick. There, I hope that is clearer.

I wanted to do something tonight, but it is just too damned cold. I must be getting old, a year or two ago, that would not have stopped me. I could think of nothing this evening but getting home to my warm house and my jammies, my book and my 'puter. The wind chills are predicted to be more than twenty below---it has been so cold all day long that I wore my long johns to work under my jeans, and I was inside all day. I don't remember being as cold ever as I am this year. I have heard alot of people say that, however. It's hard not to take this winter personally, as though it is some kind of plot that's out to get ME.

H has quite a cold, and he is one big snotball - cough, sneeze, blow, hack, snort, much fun...and what fun to share a meal with! I am quite looking forward to the dinner that's due to be delivered from our ONE restaurant in town that is open---it's a good thing I like him, I'm telling you...

Have a good Friday night...I will see you all tomorrow!


SOUL: said...

that sounds just divine--- it IS a good thing you like yo H.

good to hear your getting caught up at work too. slowly but surely it will happen.

take care..and cuddle up with the kitties.. unless they're hacky and snotty too?


Kelly Jene said...

Lovely visual. Poor H. Poor you! Don't be working too hard, now. Don't need your brain to overload.

I am like you though, lists... I love them! I work so much better with one.

Gypsy said...

I simply MUST have a list or I can't organise myself and besides, I love that feeling of accomplishment when you tick things off. It sounds like you are very slowly but very surely getting back to where you once were. Are you still walking ok?

When you think back to how you were pre op, you have definitely made some progress although I know you are still in a lot of pain.

Hope H gets better soon.

Raine said...

Is it really nessecary to work those kind of hours that you used to? If not, if you can get by with not working those kind of hours , well then, why try so hard to do it? You have been ill, you have had surgery, you are older. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break. Its ok to not be 18 afterall.

simonsays said...

Yes soul, it IS a good thing I like him...but he really IS sick, but dammit, he won't take a day off, he won't go to bed early, he wants to be the hero...ugh...this is me exasperated...

Kelly jene--I think my brain overloaded years and years ago, and this is what is left! :)

Gypsy, yes I am walking fine, and I think that is a miracle. I still have alot of pain that I deal with daily, and the eye thing comes and goes, but I will take it and deal with all of it forever if I have to. Walking is a miracle. I want to be able to get out and walk - really walk- but I have been too tired, and the weather has not cooperated, not at all. Hopefully soon. Thanks for asking. :)

Raine-You are so very right, I am not 18 anymore, and I am ready to not work like I am. Soon, I will be forced to leave this job, and in the long run, that will be a good thing. I AM tired of the hours and the physical and mental toll it takes on me.

SOUL: said...

well... i know how that is.. seems i have a few in my life that won't slow down for nuthin either.
but that's ok i guess. right??
super hero-- super chicken.. what's the difference right?

and btw--- not sure-- but weather here just might be cooperative in a few more weeks.. for a walk?? nevah know.

Anonymous said...

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