Saturday, January 19, 2008


When my kids were little, they said the funniest things - as I'm sure that yours either did or still do. The point is, that was years and years ago, and we still say those things around this any of you do that?

When my daughter was about 16 months she loved flowers and couldn't say it - so they have forever been "dah-doo's" since then.

My youngest talked waaaay to early for his age, and of course, he did it very incorrectly. Any word that ended with N came out with a double N - for example - Kitten was Kittnen. One of the most famous sayings in our house "Aunt Shell, your kittnen is climbing your curtnain" We still say it, frequently, for no particular reason.

The oldest son, drank alot of anything - all the time. He would drink all of his milk and then not want to eat, so I had to limit his juice or whatever until after meals. He would get very upset with me. When he was about two, he was in the middle of quite a fit because I would not let him have another glass of milk until he finished his dinner. I told him that if he wasn't such a swigger then we wouldn't have to have this discussion. His reply - "I- I- I-NOT a fwigger!" Yes, we still repeat that one, too.

Like I said before, my youngest did everything waaay to early - I think because he had a brother so close in age and he was NOT going to be left out. He walked at nine months, hell-he ran at nine months, and spoke somewhat well then, too, at least understandably. My boys were HUNGRY--in the early, early mornings, and woke up mean and wanting food, and I am talking at about five am. I learned very quickly to let them eat something right away, and then give them proper breakfast later with the rest of the family. Bread and butter or bread and peanut butter was usually the choice for the early morning snack. Youngest of course couldn't tell me his preference...but he got his point across for a tiny boy walking around at the age of ten months- butter was "bop-be-be". And so, it makes sense that peanut butter was "Be-bop-be-be". Yes, we still use those words.

D has very few mis-used words, as she has always been very articulate. Even when she was tiny. For some reason, and I'm not kidding or exaggerating here, she began reading at the age of two. All by herself. No one had taught her, she just started reading the microwave door one day - "push to open" to my mom and I. We looked at each other, startled, and I ran and got a newspaper- and asked her to read a large grocery ad. She said "Open Fri. Sat. Sun. What does that mean, Mommy? You have never seen a more surprised mom and grandma...and I think we both scared the hell out of her that day, with our screaming and carrying on. To this day, she has a most amazing brain. It's something to watch when she is learning or you are teaching her something. I believe that is the reason that she has few little "cute sayings" as a child, she has always hated to say things wrong, or do things wrong...she was correcting me when she was four or five.

I think these little things are what makes a family, a FAMILY. Do you all use the sayings from when your children were little or if they are still small, do you use their words? My grown kids roll their eyes when I do it, but I think they secretly like it, it is after all, our own history.


Pungo River Days said...

My oldest son, Dreaming Mage, talked like an adult at a very early age. and never stopped. (I actually saw and listened to a little boy just like that in the grocery store last week.) And he also pulled the milk thing. I would make him eat his food first because he would fill up on milk. Well he would eat part of it and then say he was stuffed. Then drink his milk down. I said "I thought you were full" he said "the milk filled in the cracks". Some things you never forget.

Oldy said...

I LOVED this post!

Yes , we do still say the funny things. Even my husband says them now. lol

It would be a whole post here in your box I will do a post about "our sayings" today...on my own blog.


Those are the memories that make our adult kids remain so damn

Have a great day at * gag* work.:)

Summer said...

Bee A Baw. It's a lightning bug. He thought every bug was a bee and he couldn't say bulb as in light bulb so he said baw. Ingenious I thought!

Gypsy said...

What a wonderful heartfelt post Jamie....(where the hell is Soul, she's late)....

We have the exact same type sayings in our family so much so that if anyone was listening to some of our conversations they would think we were speaking some other language. That IS what makes a family and thank you for reminding me of that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Now I have to scoot before Soul beats me to it.


such a great post..
lets see:
DADOOOOOOOO DADOOOOOOO was something my mom said that I said, and it was in reference to Don Ho..sigh...Hawaii five O I think the show was..sockiesookies are socks and now my boys say it..
Menooonoo was mailman
GoGo and Backa: Grandma and Grandpa!!
You'd make a darling Go-Go as a adorable this post! I LOVED IT!!

SOUL: said...

how dare you say what you said to me this morning jaimeeeeeee

this is one of the BEST posts you have written on here---- in fact-- every post i have ever read about your kids and family are just ... for lack of a better word-- magical.

they show so much of WHO you are. HOW you are. and of course.. how the other side of your life is.. away from work, and pain.. ya know??

your family is your heart-- your soul.. and it amazes me how much you love them.

well, alrighty then.

guess... like oldy-- i should save the rest for my own blog-- or i would be bloggin in your box again.. but hell, when has that stopped me? right?

anyhow-- i will throw one in here---
"i can't like it"
soulkid was about two or younger when that became her favorite full phrase.
to this day--- we use it...
she can't like NUTHIN.
in fact-- i used that phrase on my post just now, before i read this.

anyhow-- i spose i should go...

i hope you have a great great great great day, up to your ass in snow-- and work...

get OUT tonight-- and force yourself to LIKE IT.

hey GYPSY!!! :))

abbagirl74 said...

Oh, I definitely get a roll of the eyes, but a quick smile always follows. Every once in awhile, we will talk about words we used back several years ago and the kid would just laugh himself to tears. Lovely post Jamie. Needed to read that today!

ac said...

Lining so close to the beach we would take my daughter often where she would here us say 'watch out for the undertow'. She thought we were saying 'watch out for the Under Toad'. We still call it that HA!
As all children will be when they are little my daughter would sometimes be loud and rambunctious. In an effort to settle her down I would sometimes tell her "Settle down honey, Softness is a virtue". She thought I was saying 'Burt you'. She didn't know what that meant but she knew it was a good thing. So one day she came over and gave me a hug and Said. "Burt you Mom. And Burt Dad too." So cute! Great post.

Kelly Jene said...

What sweet memories! It took me back to our little ones. We have so many, and yes, we still repeat some on occasion. The name of my blog "The Moohaa" was an attempt by my then 6 year old to write a story about a bad guy saying Mwahahaha. But he wrote The Moohaa! We loved the way it sounded and obviously it stuck around!

Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl said...

I loved reading about your family. Those special things. That must have been something with your daughter reading like that!

I've just caught up on your posts. Don't you just wish we could all take a trip to someplace tropical and be pampered? No pain, no worries. I hope you can relax a little this weekend, and do something that makes you smile!

Raine said...

couple new ones that came up this year with my two year old grandson are "princess tree" instead of christmas tree, we're guessing that angel seems to be a princess to him and ummmmm well "grandma bonkers which is causing no end of amusement. My ferrets name is Bonkers and he kept saying wanna go see Grandma, wanna go see Bonkers and then he just condensed it

Anonymous said...

we're still creating our memories..but lots of things... helicopter is helipocter... cute eh? ha ha...

desert dirt diva said...

I to loved this post...