Saturday, December 29, 2007


"I'll be fine and dandy, Lord it's like a hard candy Christmas, I'm barely getting through tomorrow, But still I won't let sorrow get me way down..."

That song is STILL stuck in my head. Day two now, but when you read the words, maybe there's a reason for that. The problem? I cannot stand Dolly Parton...

I work today, but short hours. Maybe from nine or so until two or three. I would really like to get out tonight and do something, I will wait and see how I feel. I worked yesterday until one, then we needed to get home and let the furnace man in, of course, when he got here, the furnace wouldn't make the same sound it's been making for weeks. I know it's going to quit, that's what furnace's DO, and they always wait until its a weekend, or better yet, a holiday weekend, and when the temperature is below zero, so we were trying to prevent that. It really hasn't been working correctly for quite a while...but that happens at work all the time, people bring their car into the garage, "it's been making a horrible noise, but it wouldn't do it today".

I was supposed to have the family Christmas today, with my sister and her husband, and my two nieces, and my mom and her husband, and my kids again. Usually my sister is here on Christmas Eve along with everyone else but this year, it was planned for today. It has been cancelled however, my poor sister is unable to get out of bed or even walk, Lord-I know how that is, and my mom is just about in the same shape. Aren't we a sad, sad family? So, H shipped the gifts to them on Thursday and I will have to wait to see my nieces, one is three-she is a little doll and really, really loves her Aunt Damie. The other one is 16-and she is a sweetie too, but she doesn't get nearly as excited at seeing me-teehee. They now live near the Quad Cities, about three hours away, I guess I will need to make a trip that way soon. I am sad that we won't be together this year, I really was looking forward to it. I am not sad that I don't have to do all that work again, however. I was wondering how I was going to manage, although I would have. I got the three year old a princess dress-up set among other things and I really wanted to see her in it.

YS's GF- has a little Mazda MX6 that I helped her buy a year or so ago. The stereo in it was pretty crappy, although it looked nice-it was an aftermarket jobbie, that someone before her had put in. Wednesday night, someone stole it. They live in a really nice apartment complex in West Des Moines...not a bad area in the least. They are not upset about the loss of the stereo that much, because like I said, it wasn't very good. YS said they were more upset about the loss of the CD in the stereo. The problem? The car was locked of course, because that's what we teach our kids to do, and the damned thieves broke out the passenger side window....ahh... no insurance coverage on it, she only could afford liability. So, I ordered the window. It makes me so mad when people steal. This seems to be a theme recently...Summer had her Christmas gifts taken and Andrew had his whole car just pisses me off when people take things that don't belong to them. Last year, YS had his house broken into, and that ended up costing me a fortune, so I moved them to a GOOD area...

I hope you all have a good Saturday. I am going to try. :)


Gypsy said...

Geez I hate thieves. We got home one day and both the main front door and security door had been prised open and smashed. Inside was messy where they'd been looking for stuff to steal but thank god they hadn't really trashed the place. All electronic goods were taken including the computer and they had ripped the fitted sheet off our bed to take away the loot in. I think the fact they touched our bed upset me more than anything. That, and the fact that our children's sense of security was destroyed. It took them a full year to feel safe again and that is unforgivable to me.

Oldy said...

I hate thieves too! GRRRR.
I am pretty obsessive about trying to keep them locked out of my "life" lol

People have had their cars stolen where I live. And we have a damn gate!

Hate Dolly Parton too. :)

Have a great day!!!

Summer said...

I often mutter under my breath that I hate people. Here's another reason why. I was talking to a coworker yesterday about the theft in my house and she told me about what happened to her when her kids were little. While they were Christmas shopping, someone smashed the windows of her van and stole all the presents they had bought. That was probably 15 years ago and she cried telling me about it yesterday. The thieves do more than they know to us. I hate them.

I hope your day at work goes well. How is your pain today?

SOUL: said...

i'm sorry your day was canceled. that really sucks. i remember how much it meant to me to see my nephews when they were small... yes even my sis. :))
and if the plans got messed up it was never good. but yes you are close enough that you could hopefully make a trip out soon to see them.

about the car window.. it is probably better to buy the window outright than to file an insurance claim anyhow-- the window is cheaper than the deductible--most likely .. (mine was when it happened to me--but i got it at a junk yard/ and my stereo also was crap btw)...
but i have been robbed more times than any one person ever should be you'd think. i'd probably be one of those crazy overboard vigilante types if i ever actually caught someone ripping me off... cuz i've been stolen from so many times.
where do these people get off anyhow? get a damn job...that's what i say.
anyhow---- i hope you have a very good day, and do go out will do you a world of good to get out of the house for an evening. you know that. is the casino totally out of the question?
anyhow... latah
ps... i have never heard that song.. but am guessing it's a good thing?

abbagirl74 said...

I hope you have a GREAT Saturday!

Mary said...

Many years ago, 25 to be almost exact, our house was vandilized - many things stolen and the rest trashed. It's still new to me and to my sons, too. They were little boys at the time. It took a long, long time for them to feel safe again. Thieves are really low in the hierarchy (selling?) of humanity.

I know the Quad City area pretty well. I took a few required courses at the Army's Management Engineering College on Rock Island. Nowhere on earth is colder than Rock Island in January. Even the river freezes!

Cheryl said...

I wonder what makes some people feel they're entitled to take what doesn't belong to them?