Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's delighful, it's delectible. it's de-lovely...

Hello there. I survived...barely. I shopped...until I dropped. I am still not finished, but I am closer than I was. Tomorrow night, we will get the last few things. Ugh...Christmas is hard, physically, every way. It shouldn't be this way, but every year, it is. I do like Christmas, once all the hard work is done. But that is such a short period of time. I once thought that the key to enjoying it was starting way early, so several years ago, I did all my shopping in the summer and fall. The problem with that was, I bought so much more...and spent so much more. So, it is what it is...and I do enjoy it, once it is all wrapped up. Pun intended.

I went to have my stitches out, and things are going according to plan, at least that's what the RN said. She was quite helpful, and took the time to answer all my questions. She thinks that I will have some physical therapy in my future, and that made me feel better, as hopefully that will allow the spinal cord a better opportunity to heal and me a better opportunity to continue to walk. I am cleared to go back to work tomorrow, although slowly. Only a few hours at a time, she thinks that I will be one to over do---hmm....where did she get that idea? I have to wear this blasted neck brace for at least a couple more weeks,( I see the Dr for my post op appointment on the 2nd of January), and she said she cannot stress the importance of it enough. Ack----it is hell, wearing it. But I can see why. Just a little while ago, I tripped over CrazyDog, while wearing it, mind you, because I cannot see down with it on, because the dog and cat were fighting over the dog treats, and now I have hurt my neck pretty fact, I am somewhat worried about it, and wonder if I need to see the Dr today, but imagine how bad it would be had I NOT been wearing the damned thing...on the other hand, I might NOT have done it had I not had it on, as I could have seen my feet.....hrmph. In any event, I am pretty hurt in the back of my neck and will now wait and see if I need to go to the Dr today, although I don't know what he would be able to do...but dammit, I didn't need any help in the hurting department. Dammit.

So many things I need to do today, and if I do any of them, there will be no work for me tomorrow. I mean it, I am in bad shape from over doing yesterday, and that is just my own dumb fault. But it was a nice day, I almost felt normal, out and about. I am ready to get back to work, and to be able to walk while doing it? That will be like a miracle...

I have one thing that I would like all of you to keep your fingers crossed for me on...we got an offer on the other house yesterday...and it's not much but it will let us get rid of the payment that we make each month, and it would pay the expenses and allow us have a little bit left over and in this housing market, that's good enough for us. We accepted the offer and they now have 25 days to get their financing arranged. Please say a little prayer that it goes through....we have been paying quite a lot on the place since my sister moved out in March and this would be a bit of welcome good luck.

Have a very Happy Thursday! I am going to take mine slow and easy....


Gypsy said...

Congrats on getting most of your shopping done and for surviving out in the big bad world. Take it easy at work tomorrow, well as much as you can and good luck with the house situation. Hope their finance goes through smoothly and you can have one less thing on your mind. Gentle hugs for your poor neck.

SOUL: said...

is that the song of the day? (the header)... cuz if so, it's a good'n. i sing that all the time---but most often, in a sarcastic manner. for some reason, i get the feeling that is the way you sing it too.???
kinda like the "no-body knows" song. :))

i'm happy to hear that you had at least a somewhat good day out yesterday. sorry that you are paying for it today, but i do bet it was a good feeling to be OUT of that house. and NOT in that damned chair. :)) good for you.

i'm real worried about the fall this morning, you know that though..but do , please get checked out if it doesn't feel better--or gets worse.

as far as work tomorrow--- i hope it goes real good for you, and that people don't expect too much out of you right away. it will be good for you to be back to work-- if you handle it right--and be gentle with yourself.

as for selling the house--- you know i'm praying for that to go through. that would be good for you and the buyer. so here's to that. k


Oldy said...

They probably want you wearing the neck brace so you CAN'T be looking down at your feet. LOL
Thus bending your neck. :)

Certainly call in sick ..if you are not up to going to work!!

(bossy? who?):)

Prayers sent up.
Have a good day!

Portia said...

GOOD! That's the first time I've ever heard you say "slow and easy." Try to enjoy it. It won't last forever:) I'm so glad your nurse took the time to talk to you and discuss what's going on. It means so much and I remember you saying something about your doctor being less than helpful. I hope it is a good one today!!

Mary said...

Maybe you should call the doctor and let him/her make the decision as to being checked out. You don't need any complications at this stage. Glad you had a relatively good day shopping. Remember the "slow and easy" thing and do it. Don't rush returning to full time activities. Thinking good thoughts for sale of house.

abbagirl74 said...

Prayers and Hugs! I am so very happy for you. Oh, and you can have dinner with me anytime. If you even get remotely close to Wichita, let me know. I'll bring dinner to you.

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is good news about the house...sure hope everything goes through ok. We can all use more money a month, that's for sure. Glad to hear you got out and about...this is great. So now you know that this HAS helped you...there was no way you could have done that shortly before your surgery. This is very encouraging. Just try and remember to keep taking things slow and easy until the doctor gives you an 'all clear'.
I did way too much, myself, Tuesday night and Wednesday. That's why I was just so miserably tired out. Amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you. I took a swig of NyQuil and hit the bed. LOL. Today I am almost back to normal.
Talk to you soon. Keep smilin'!