Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just had a thought: I am going to ride my bike again. Yes, I am. After all, I walked all day yesterday, and other than falling over the freakin' dog, and pain from overdoing, after not doing, is all the problems I have experienced. Yes, today my legs are shaking from weakness, but I believe that is due to being worn out yesterday. I am, I am going to ride my bike again. Just as soon as the snow melts, and it isn't below zero wind chills. Holy crap.


desert dirt diva said...

sorry i have'nt stoped bye:( been busy....well i guess i could've posted at 2:00 this morning but was really tired.. i'm so glad to hear your doing well and of course the first few words are going to ride a bike.. and my first thought was damn the doc was good....then i read the rest...have a wonderful day

Amanda said...

Oh Jamie! My mother, who's had major surgery a couple of months ago, is the same way. I had to force her to rest. And not to carry around such heavy stuff.

She's allowed to cook though.

Glad you are feeling so much better!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ride a bike?
Ok, if you insist, I'm right behind you on this, 1000 feet behind you on this actually :)

I'm glad about the offer you have on the house. I don't even dare to check what's the price of my house now. It certainly doesn't worth as much as I bought it 2 years ago. Oh well...

abbagirl74 said...

Ride only after you have rested and the doctor releases you. Then, WooHoo! Lift your feet off of the pedals and yell Wheeeeee!

Josie Two Shoes said...

How that's the Jamie can-do spirit that I love! Visualize that bike ride at every opportunity and you'll get there! Pack up all your snow, and send it to Andrew for Christmas, he wants it! :-)

Mary said...

You go, girl. Don't rush; do as the doctor says; and ride, girl, ride!

SOUL: said...

how did i miss this one? seems i am missin a lot lately. sorry.
you aren't the only one though. i am behind with everybody in blogland. pretty soon i will be blackballed from the land of blog peeps.
my "soul-patrol" will write me off, and then i will cry.

but anyhow--- i was actually thinking of your bike-riding recently. i would really LOVE to see that happen for you. more than anything. i can't wait to hear that you did it. just remember--start slow. like around the tour-de-france on the first day ok?

alright--i'll go now.
i should be blogging in my own box... i'm just a slackin fool lately.

have the best day ever today-- out in the real world, in your real life. have fun and soak it all up!!!!