Thursday, December 13, 2007

I told you I'd be back....

Well hello there. It is about midnight, and I am sitting at my computer, drinking coffee as if it were morning, but in my mind, it is. I have my time all mixed up, but that's okay, I have no where to be for awhile, like 10 days or so. You all are going to want to know how I am and I am going to tell you in a minute, but right now, I am trying to figure out why I cannot see anything with my glasses on. I mean, I cannot see anything. I can, however, see fine without them.....?

Okay, so I am in tons of pain. In places that really shouldn't hurt. But I already knew to expect that, as I have had a previous surgery on my back, many years ago. And I discovered then, that any time a surgeon gets near the spinal cord, be prepared to hurt in places that have zero to do with the original problem, as the spinal cord is the reason and the pathway to all places, and once it has been disturbed, it can take days for the strange sensations/pain to settle down. What I would like you all to know is this: I do not have those awful feelings in my feet, and haven't since I woke up from the surgery yesterday. I am afraid to say that too loudly, as I am taking some pretty strong pain medications, but right at this time, that pain is gone. :) Also, I am able to walk. Not perfectly, and I am pretty weak at it, but I am certainly more able to walk than I was when I left this house on Monday night. Again, I am cautious, and afraid to get my hopes up only to have them crushed again...but still, for the time being, I did make it up the stairs yesterday. Without help. :)

I do have a pretty ugly Frankenstein scar running across half of my neck, but that will get better with time, although I have to tell you, it has OS pretty grossed out. It makes me laugh, or it would, if it didn't hurt so much to do that right now, but the stitches are still in, and for whatever reason, the Dr's do not want it covered up, it is to be left in the open...which I think is pretty unusual, so when OS is here, he has a hell of time looking at me. But I am supposed to be wearing this damned collar, and I am, and I do---except for a few minutes at a time, so he can't see it when I have it on. Ans while we are on the subject of that collar, that thing will be the death of me, yes, I know it is a small price to pay for being able to hopefully walk normally again, but what a huge pain in the neck---pun intended.

I am quite grateful to have all of this behind have no idea. It has been an interesting few days, to say the least. The pain I am dealing with now is no big deal compared to what I have had for the past year or more, it's just different. It is intense, and I am already ready for it to go away, I guess you all can tell that patience never has been on of my virtues, can't you?

As you all know, I did return home to a house with no electricity, but it came back on last evening, thank God. Being cold like that does nothing for pain, it causes your entire body to tense up, and makes everything worse. I am quite grateful that the electric companies are working around the clock in this part of the country.

And, this last paragraph that I am about to write, I have been told not to. I have been asked to wait until all interested parties have been told in person, but hey-this is my blog, and if interested parties are reading me, then perhaps the significantly involved people should be a little quicker in notifying those that don't know already. How is that for a little confusion? Now you all have NO idea what I am saying, and you are all thinking...."poor dear, she really is delusional..." Let me assure you all, that I am not. And to those that read this, or occasionally write this--Good morning D---and know what I am about to say here, I do apologize, but this does affect me, and I cannot keep such wonderful news to myself....

I am going to be a Grandma. My beautiful, wonderful, smart, sweet daughter has found herself pregnant. The baby is due in late August. So, she is just about 4 weeks along, and yes, I know it's early to be blabbing about this. But I am beside myself with excitement. This is a dream that I thought would never happen. The circumstances under which this baby will be born are probably less than ideal, according to D, but there are no bad babies, they all come from God. This child will be blessed whether there are two full time parents or one. I am sorry, D. I just cannot keep my yap shut. I already am in love with that tiny, tiny little being. I know all the doubts that you feel, and I understand each of them. Seriously, I do. I do think that all babies should have the best of circumstances, you are correct about that. But that baby is already there and you will see that there will be no child loved more, EVER, than this one. And truly, the two of you may surprise even yourselves. No matter how things work out, this child will be just fine. The both of you will be the best parents. And you will find that I am going to be the best grandma on the planet. You just wait and see. I love you, you know.

Okay, so that's all I have. I don't know when I'll be back around, but I am missing you all alot, so I will probably be here pretty regularly. I can sit in this chair just as easily as in that bed. I am oh so ready to feel better, but I can tell this is going to be a slow recovery. A couple of days will probably make a huge difference, and a little sleep would also make me feel lots better, but even the damned horse size pain medications won't really let me sleep much. Plus, I have had a few things going on upstairs!

Have a great day today! Oh and yes, the song that has been stuck in my head while at the hospital and since is"Layla". I do love me some Eric Clapton. That one, I can easily live with. :)


Gypsy said...

Congratulations to all of you on a new little baby coming into your life. That is absolutely wonderful news. I don't know D's circumstances but one thing I do know for certain and that is she has a beautiful supportive family to help her along the way.

D did a fantastic job of keeping us up to date but its even better to hear from you in person. I think we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we heard you had come through the surgery well and walking up the stairs no less. YAY for Jamie.

It's SO GOOD to have you back but don't overdo it ok. Give yourself time to heal and tell those people from work to bugger off.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! on both counts..yes D did keep us up to date very well. you can thank her for that! hope to hear from you again soon..but do take time off from both the puter and from work..give yourself the proper amount of time to heal!

Summer said...

Good news all the way around. I'm so happy for you that your surgery was a success. How long will you have to wear the collar? Also, what a blessing to have a new baby coming soon. Could she make it August 20th? For my birthday?

Layla? One of my all time favorites. I think I blew a speaker out in my car over that song.

Get some rest!

abbagirl74 said...

Hooray! I am so happy for you! It's good to have you back. Now - plenty of rest!

Mary said...

Oh, Jamie, a grandbaby and successful surgery. What a wonderful Christmas you have. It will take time for the spinal cord to settle down but the process is underway. You have the new treasure to plan for and that will make everything easier. Is this your first? If it is you have no idea the feelings that will wash over you when you first hold your new miracle. I'm so happy for you and D, too of course. I just view things from a Nana point of view at this point in my life.

soul said...

wonderful, happy, fantastic NEWS.

what will you call yourself? gramma, nana, gram,
have you thought about it yet? i am anxious to know.
whatever you do-- don't use "gran-gran"
ugh. (yep--that was what my mom used... and it brings bad memories. :))

and what's this about goings on upstairs that kept you awake? is H bein a horndawg already? :))
that could be a very good sign if that is why you couldnt sleep. (or could it) hmmm.

anyhow--- i just can't get over how fast you are seeing and feeling improvements already. and eating, and even swallowing giant pills.
it's all gotta just be great in afew days. maybe a week. i can't wait to hear how things are going in a week!!!!

and hey--- really, if you keep answering work calls... i'm gonna have one of your kids take the phone and hide it from you. :))

and hey--- keep the darn collar on your neck--where it belongs :))

as for the not covering the sight... it is maybe to help it heal faster by letting air get to it, and not keep it moist, ya think? that's my medical opinion. :)

k... i'm leaving now.
have a great day!!!!
and no matter how strong you feel...don't forget ... you still have to be careful, and not do too much. k?
be careful.


(ps..why will this thing NOT let me comment?)

Amanda said...

That's just wonderful! All of it! I'm so happy for you both.

(((((((((((Jamie & D))))))))))

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Jamie! How wonderful to find you up and blogging, can't keep a good woman down for long! And how ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC that you are going to be a GRANDMA!!! I don't blame you for not being able to keep this under wraps! What a Christmas present, and what a great way to keep you focused on positive and happy things. I know this little one will be loved so incredibly much. CONGRATULATIONS D! Tell OS not to worry about your stitched up neck, there are some excellent scar-fading medications now, and with time it will be merely a white streak. The very best news of all was you getting up those stairs under your own power. Brighter days are coming! Please let those office calls go unanswered for a few days, give yourself a little time to rest and heal before the stress level kicks up again! I am so thankful to God for bringing you safely thru this, and so happy to see you back here, I knew it wouldn't be long! :-)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Great to know that you are sitting up and blogging :)
And ohhhhhh I'm so excited about the baby! There is NO "best" circumstance - we're HUMANS, we will not find the perfect circumstance :)
To me though, the circumstance is already excellent, she is independent, she has a loving family behind her, and she has the whole group of blogging friends here :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Jamie, I'm so happy that you feel as good as you do....this is just fantastic. And the good news about the baby too...listen if we all waited until "the right time" there would never be any babies born. Its a true miracle and a gift from God...I know this baby is very lucky to come into your family. Take it from me...being a grandma is GREAT.
Let the people at work wait a bit and remember the first priority is YOU. I know thats hard for you...being a Pisces...(we always try to please..even if it hurts us)...but make up your mind that if you don't do things to make yourself well, then it will take twice as long to heal.
Big careful hugs to you and remember I sent an angel to look after you, not to mention the 10,000 that were in the OR. Talk to ya soon. Val

Portia said...

Oh my word! How awesome! You had good news, and then MORE good news! Congratulations to you and to D:) I hope the pain continues to lessen from here. Take it as easy as you possibly can and just heeeeeaaaal.


MAZEL TOV, Congratulations, and OH MY!! I have many goosiebumps and I am just thrilled with all the news in this post. I am sooo happy for D, and if she has any questions on how babies, feel free to send her my way, I was at once a pregnant, no boyfriend, single parent, broke, scared, and didn't have as much excitement with the grandparents as you are showing her. It's so many blessings..and to D, it will have rocky points, but puhlease know that you have your moms support even when you think you don't...the moment you feel that first flutter within your tummy, your heart will never be the same. I have chills and am so excited to all of you.
So, D, how about you start up a blog chronically the steps of pregnancy with the help of mom? :)

Rest well, Jaime...literally take baby steps, and I find it ironic that you love that name Lyla..sounds like a great name for a granddaughter, with much health, I have a feeling you'll be blessed with a granddaughter.

This was a great post..I could feel your love for your daughter and not ever being able to experience that, I know I'm rambling, but WOW! Very powerful!

D, hang in will go by fast -the pregnancy I mean-once that little bundle is in your arms.

Cheryl said...

In every way that a person could be happy for you, I am. So happy. Many, many congratulations on the surgery and on D's pregnancy.

desert dirt diva said...

gosh i sure wish i lived closer i'd going walking with you .. just to help you get stronger.. its so great to hear about your new grand baby wish when i found out my daughter was preg.. i had that same awsome outlook, hindsight..and all but my little buger is a great little man....