Monday, November 26, 2007

Anyone rarin'?

The first day of the workweek---and I am SUPPOSED to be all rested up and rarin' to go. Anyone out there rarin'? That makes me laugh....

It turned out to be a bit of a crazy Sunday, my kiddos showed up, most of them anyway, unexpectedly, and little rest was had by me, but that's okay, I'll take my kids anyday. YS and GF have broken up, and I spent the day counseling a very broken heart, GF's---which I KNOW is odd, since YS is mine and she is now the supposed ex, but I love that girl, and whatever. I don't know their future, they have been pretty on and off for some time now, but this time it has already been a longer period of time. It is hard when their hearts are broken, and both are. I am not in the middle, I just listen. I remember those feelings, I have had them myself....they go with being young, inexperienced, giving everything you have....I had no one to go to. If I can help one person in this life, I will. At my own expense? Always. H gets mad at me, he says I don't have the strength now, and in some ways I don't because it hurts me to see someone I love hurt, but why else am I here? Being young is what everyone wants, but if you ask me, I wouldn't take it back. The confusion, the pain the pure drama of living--no way. There are good things about aging, and I like knowing that I will not die when my heart aches, that tomorrow is a new day, that all things that are shit today, can and will be miraculously wonderful tomorrow. I like that. And only age and experience and a few laugh line around the eyes and grey around the temples will allow that knowledge.

Christmas decorations? What Christmas decorations? By the time poor H finished stripping the beds and doing all the laundry, cooking the dinner, I think the poor man was a little tired. And I just sat by and watched. And told him I loved him and appreciated him for the millionth time. Will this ever end?

Have a good day. :)


JYankee said...

yeah its hard to see your kids heart broken..but it is a thing that they all must go through eh? H is a great guy... give him a hug and kiss for me too! LOL

SOUL: said...

"I like knowing that I will not die when my heart aches, that tomorrow is a new day, that all things that are shit today, can and will be miraculously wonderful tomorrow. "

i really like that , it is very true. funny how so much can change--- and seemingly so fast sometimes eh?

and hey---- maybe it's just your turn jamie. LET people take care of you--and stop feeling guilty about it. this won't last forever! just watch.

hope you have a great day--- and if it aint so great--- let yourself be happy...k

Summer said...

Not rarin' here either.

Cheryl said...

Getting ready to get rarin. You know me. Day to spend with my Mom and some shopping/returning.

Don't try to do more than you can handle today. It's only Monday and you need to take care of you. I'll be thinking of you.

Josie Two Shoes said...

It says so much about you that YS's girlfriend feels safest coming to talk to you. You are right, our kids always come first, and we wouldn't turn them away if it took our last breath to help. I wouldn't want to go back to those years either, 40 maybe, but definitely not 20. I know if I didn't make the same choices, I would just make other equally unenlightened ones, 'cuz just as you've noted, age is a learning experience.

Hoping you can get some work done today, glad you'll be staying in. Let's get Monday on the road and over with! :-)

CCC said...

Totally *not* rarin' here in the midwest! Re-entry hard. Wouldn't you agree? ;)

SOUL: said...

i just noticed the texas nascar pic over there---and the BEER... now who could not get rarin aftah that???
fast cars, and beer...woo hoo!!!!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Tomorrow is a better day.
Well said.
You can send the two broken hearts to me, I love them pan-fried, with just a bit of olive oil and garlic!

Portia said...

you crack me up! my day was rarin' but I myself was far from it. i know the whole situation is frustrating, but i'm glad you've got such a good man:)

Gypsy said...

So tell me Jamie, when exactly does the confusion, the pain and the pure drama of living actually stop? LOL..... I'm 47 and I'm STILL getting my heart broken.

You are so kind to be trying to help everyone but you really have to try and use your strength for you young lady.


excellent points to make from someone that fears that very thing someday with my three sons...always yearning for that do you separate yourself from it..and have you ever seen the girlfriends side over your own childs? If so, what do you do?
Painful it seems...but look, it took your mind off of the upcoming surgery which will make you feel better!!!

my heart goes out to YS and GF...breakups..sigh...:(
And yes, you are lucky to have H cause there are so many guys that I have known in my life that wouldn't so much as even throw their own clothes in the laundry basket.. you're lucky..and he loves you it's obvious, and that's part of marriage and being in a and taking..and right now it's your turn to take, and let everyone else give to you. yea! that's right!

did I already say that?