Monday, November 26, 2007


So yesterday, while I was sitting on the sofa, and D was behind me at the computer desk, swearing because all she had done was unhook the wireless router and suddenly, no internet---no IPS addresses, they were GONE and she had to call tech support, and H was running up and down the endless stairs doing laundry, and OS was harassing D, as that is his job in this life, I was attempting to sort of "watch" that stupid tv show, cops. And all I heard the cop say was "we have a domestic, a woman called in, her husband threw his hamburger in her face" and I just burst out laughing. It struck me so funny. So, when H ran through with a load of sheets in his arms I made sure to tell him that the NEXT time he threw his meat in my face, I was callin the law. I thought it was funny.


Andrew said...

That gives new meaning to the term, "meathead!" hah! LOL Cops is a guilty pleasure of mine every so often. The sad thing is I could probably be on one of those shows.

desert dirt diva said...

that is funny about the meat...a few years ago my b/f and i were fighting and he was chasing me around the house i had pepper spray that i thought was old..but pepper spray does not get old.. and i found that out when i sprayed him.. it was so funny, i was really mad....any ways my nephew races mini dwartruck.. and yes they are awsome to watch..

JYankee said...

ha ha..thank god it was only could've been worse!

Portia said...

LOL @ andrew's meathead! that is a good one...surely that had to lighten everybody's day just a little:)

SOUL: said...

sometimes i just have to wonder about you.

what would your mother say about this??? hmmmm???

funny stuff!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

ROFL... sounds like a typical family Sunday. Glad to see you are still able to find humor in the midst of everything... or was that the medication kicking in???! :-)

Oldy said...

I've been known to throw a drink in a mans face .....but I can honestly say
I've never thrown a hamburger at anyone.

That's some funny shit. lol

Gypsy said...

What a waste of a good hamburger, unless it was McDonalds, then I say "Go for it girlfriend".

SOUL: said...

jamie---i think they still aint gettin it.
what do you think?
i gotta skeedaddle
off to wally hell

ps..sushi just farted for ya!


I LOVE that show..and Bigdogg teases me for watching it, but I LOVE IT!!
HA! I like what Andrew said about Meathead! YOu want some meatloaf with that sprinkled donut sir officer?