Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dust Me!

Well, I did it. H and I ventured out, in public, with that stupid chair. Actually, I was blackmailed into it, Soul told me if I didn't she would be a Grinch this year and Soulkid would have no Christmas at all, and it would be on my head, if I didn't go, and I couldn't live with that! Seriously, the reason for the threats is that i have not been out of the house other than work and Thanksgiving since I got the chair, I was too embarrassed to be seen in public "like that". On the other hand, I am tired of being stuck in, and H certainly was ready for a night out, so I swallowed my pride and we went to the casino that we used to hang out in. I have to say that I had a good time. There were alot of questions, because I know so many people there. All of them were asked with concern, but people were already concerned because the last few times I had been there, it was obvious that I was not well, and that was weeks ago. I was really very surprised---and touched, to be honest. It was not as hard mentally as I thought it would be. Physically, that's another matter. We were there just a few hours and we went early and left early, but it was all I could do to get back into the car, and I felt that way after wheeling! I am still continually surprised at just how "sick" I really am, I can fool myself into thinking that if I don't walk, then I am okay. The truth is, my whole body is sick and while walking remains my focus for the surgery, I need to get well all over, too. Well, enough about that.

Today, I still have hopes of getting the decorations up, but they are not nearly as strong as they were. Sitting on the couch with my book sounds really good as well. I am not sure I am up to even directing the whole Christmas operation, and there are still a couple of weekends before I have to get it done. We will have to see.

It's cold here this morning, damn I hate the winter weather. I also don't like the heat. How is that for complaining? Is there a place that has continuous fall or spring like weather all year long? That's where I want to go....but I imagine that's where everyone would want to go! We still have a little snow on the ground, it seems awful early for that.

I have got to get a little cleaning done---just some dusting if nothing else. I can manage that, and the kitties will appreciate it. They are leaving their "stamp" of disapproval on everything, as they are walking on the tables and I can see their paw prints in the dust. How makes me want to write "dust me" on them!

Have a good Sunday, everyone!


SOUL: said...

hmmmm.... so does this mean i have no more excuses to NOT decorate and shop?
that's just not right.
you were my perfect fall guy.

i'm just playin...

i'm glad you got out for a while... even though it was hard on you...... it is good mentally to see people and do things you enjoy.

hope you can rest some today and feel better... let the dust wait til you finish your book!


happy sunday

Andrew said...

Glad you got out and overcame some of the stigma to being disabled. Everybody is getting snow, but the South and I am jealous! LOL Hope you are feeling okay today. I know how it feels to not feel yourself and it is the most debilitating feeling. I guess you could say, "I understand." Thinking of you, Jamie and I just adore your blog, and you being able to share with us.

Golden To Silver Val said...

There are many more people who have you in their thoughts and prayers than you know. I'm one of them. I've been a lurker for a long time but just HAD to let you know that you've been in my prayers for some time now. I first started reading your blog because your illness sounded so close to what my daughter has (she's 40). She has had 2 nerve blocks on her spine to date and is scheduled for another one in a couple weeks. I am a total nervous wreck over them, but they do seem to help. She was recently fired from her job at the post office because she could no longer do it. She has applied for disability, been turned down, filed the appeal and now she waits...maybe for 2 years before a decision is made..just to receive her own money from SS. In the're in my prayers. I admire you and your strength. Hang in there. Hugs, Val

Josie Two Shoes said...

I'm so glad to hear you got out a little, I can understand how hard it was to do. Hopefully the next time will feel a little easier. Yes, for sure, we have to get you feeling stronger and better in every way. Hope you decide just to take it easy today, conserve your energy for the week to come. We had snow again this morning, about three inches... it's thawing now. I know it's much prettier when you don't have to live with it for weeks on end! I remember well how dreary that gets after awhile, but it does make it feel more like Christmas! :-)

Amanda said...


Great minds think alike. I did a little dusting too. It was good to watch these small clouds of dust disappear outside.

SOUL: said...

well well jamie--- looky there--- ONE of the links in the prayer chain seemed to set off a sparkle today!!!
see what a little dusting can do???
just imagine how many more links are out there. you WILL feel them...
"there is strength in numbers!"

and girl... there is strength in YOU!!!

love you~

JYankee said...

yes am glad you got out and about. remember..the chair thingy is only'll be almost back to normal..i assume..after the surgery. let's keep our fingers crossed..but it is GOOD that you were able to have a good time with H. That's needed too! LOL

Cheryl said...

Do they have scooters at the casino? My dad uses one when he's there. My mother used to use a wheelchair, but then they bought a scooter. They're so expensive! We used to bring it in the car to the mall, but the one we go to now has a fleet of them to use. I go to customer service to get it, then drive it to the car for my mom. It's actually fun to use, but I always feel people are looking at me, wondering what my disability is. What I have found is that people are really kind, asking to hold doors or help.

I hope you had time to sit on your couch today and read and relax. The rest can wait.

Maria said...

Sit on that sofa, read your book and make everyone else do the leg work. It is their turn, tell yourself that.

Our decorations are woefully small. We do just enough to let Liv know that Christmas is here.


I think maybe Tennessee? Or North Carolina...near Greensboro..that has a nice balance...

Hang in there..there's always good with bad..always!!

HAHAH! I love what Soul said!! She's a great friend for you!!!

simonsays said...

Val-I so do understand the story of your daughter. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that some of my problems run in my family, and my younger sister has had many, many nerve blocks. Some help, some don't. I really hope they DO help your daughter. I also hope that the wait on the appeal for SS is not as long as you fear, I have never heard of it being that long, but with the govt who knows? In the meantime, I know that families just finanacially die, and it's amazing to me that our govt cares little. But anyway....I do appreciate your prayers, and anyone that cares to read what I write is good with me, lurker or not. :). I do love to find out that you are out there, however. I hope your daughter is okay, please do let me know what is found in her case, and again, I appreciate you reading, commenting, caring and praying.

simonsays said...

Crusty--I LOVE Tennessee! That would be alright with me!

Cheryl, thats an idea...I didn't know that mall's had them for the use of customers..I guess you learn something new everyday!

Andrew---you can have the snow.
Every last flake! And did you know, that yours was the first blog that i read every single day?

Josie, three more inches? Isn't that a bit unusual for your area?

Jyankee--I am hoping you are right, believe me. :)

Amanda, There is dust flying everywhere today! I am happy to see you here today. You have been quiet too long!

Maria, I kind of did that, I started the job, then Oldest son, who just happened to be here, took over. :) And the tree didn't make it up the basement steps. It will wait for next weekend.

Soul---you certainly were right, but then, when aren't you? Crusty thinks you are right and funny, too. :) xo

simonsays said...
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SOUL: said...

right and funny.
i might have to let that one sink in a while.
have a feel good kinda day...if not outside--then let yer innards shine!
omg..i think i am losing my mind. lol

Summer said...

Soul knows how to get things done doesn't she? Ha! I wonder what she could threaten me with?

desert dirt diva said...

my grandpa used a wheel chair..and that was years ago, we used to have wheelchair races, when he was in the house and nobody was watching...If i had to use a wheel chair. right now i would decorate it... but all the bells and whistles.. go to spencers(if they have one where you live ) and get lights that are battery operated....