Thursday, November 08, 2007

And then there were Two

I am up so early, but then I am not sleeping like i was, too much on my mind, i think.

I only made it a couple of hours at work yesterday before I had to come home, I just couldn't make it any further. I am going to have to give up my pride and get a wheelchair, I haven't so far in the hopes that there would be help for me in the near future, and while I still cling to the small amount of hope that I will be strong enough to walk again after the surgery, it is too far from now to continue like this. I do have one in my office that was loaned to me by a friend, but it was apparantly used by a very, very, very large person, hell, it is so heavy i can't even make the wheels turn on it. It will not fit easily through the already wide doorways at work. So, I suppose today, I will ask H to go rent one for me. Ugh. My arms seem to be as weak as my legs, so it will be interesting to see if I can get myself around that way. I really have no idea.

D is moving out this weekend. Strangely enough, I am sorry to see her go. I really thought that we would have problems when she moved in, but there have been none, other than I have rarely gotten to see her. I will miss her. She is leaving both of her kitties, and that makes me very happy. It will help her out, I think, and it will help them out, I think, (the kitties) and it will definitely help me out. I have fallen in love with both the little eating, sleeping, vomiting, shitting, purring, loving little hairballs. They have brought life back into this house that hasn't been here since my Snowman died, and it really is helpful to me to have something other than myself to focus on at this rotten time in my life. So, I am quite grateful to her for that. Plus, she is gone so much, and works and runs so much, that I know they would be so lonely living with her, and they are very happy kitties here. Even CrazyDog doesn't mind them. :)

And that is all the interesting happenings in my life. Later.


CCC said...

Awww -- I'm glad you've got the kitties; I'm sure they lien up the place. Regarding the wheelchair, try to keep the mindset that it's only temporary. Don't resign yourself to anything. Period. Life's not over yet. Stay strong girl... ;)

Anonymous said...

yes i agree with IS only temporary... it is better than putting unnecessary burden on your body.... take care....

SOUL: said...

i'm sorry j
i didnt even have time but to scan right now..i will be back tho.
i hate all of this for you. i will talk to you soon.
ox...and GOD bless you and all that you go throu
i am prayin harder than ever...
keep the faith ok
sorry i am so hurried
i gotta go
i will ttyl

Andrew said...

I miss Cats. I had three when I lived in Montavallo and worked at the pet store. I love my dog though.

Jamie, get to feeling better. I am pulling for you to feel better. I hope the surgery goes well and increases your mobility. You are such a wonderful, kind person and shouldn't be dealing with all this. Thinking of you.

Jonathon Andrew


That's good that you have the mewmew's..that should help put a smile on your face!!
I hope things go okay for you and you are doing okay when D leaves...I wonder how I'll respond the day my children move out..

Gypsy said...

I've been off the blogs for a week Jamie so am just trying valiantly to catch up. I am so sorry that it has come to this but like CCC said, think of it as something temporary to get you through until things get better.

I may not have been reading lately but you have been very much in my thoughts as always.

Portia said...

The choices aren't great, but it sounds like you know what will ultimately be best for you.
Good luck to both you and D with the beginning of this new chapter...and YAY for you getting the kitty company! :)

Amanda said...

I'm glad you got to keep the kitties too. They sound like such darlings. :)

Isn't there a wheelchair that operates with a battery power?