Sunday, September 09, 2007

Random WAAAY too early Sunday comments

Why on earth, when I have been so BAD to myself all weekend, would my legs be stronger at this ridiculous hour than they have been for the past three solid weeks?

I am up waaaay too early. I woke to the beautiful sounds of a cat retching near my head, you just gotta love cat puke. And WHY on earth do they puke so often? This kitty has a perfectly clean bill of health, and yes, I do remember from my days of cat ownership, they just barf regularly. But I am NOT his mama, and she is upstairs sleeping peacefully, and I am the one that gets to tell him it's okay, and clean it up....ah, to be loved by the furry ones...such joy. :)

H and I took the family clan to Red Lobster to dinner last evening, and I can STILL taste the garlic on my shrimp...really, it is PART of the reason I am already awake, my stomach is ucky. But we had a really good time, OS couldn't be there, but D and YS and GF were. GF will be a big TWENTY this week, it was a birthday celebration of sorts. God, I love that girl. And I LOVE to watch my kids have a good time together. OS was missed by all of us. D and YS are seriously funny---all of my kids have the wit and timing of a comedian, and let me tell you, NEVER a dull moment when you get them together. When you throw H into the mix, it's a hysterical mess. I always leave a family gathering with aching stomach muscles from laughter.

Work was a little crazy yesterday, alot of non-productive wheel spinning, though. But we did get a couple sold, and rolled---so to speak. (in the car business, sold is NEVER sold until you see the tires rolling out of the driveway).

I had four hours of sleep Friday night, and not much more last night, I can already tell that I will spend the better part of my Sunday afternoon sleeping. I really am tired.

I am in serious pain, but i am walking better, at least right now.

I think I embarrass my family when we are out in public and I am hobbling along. They all say it isn't so, but I feel that i do. Perhaps it is my own embarrassment....I HATE when I can't walk correctly.

I am planning to make Lemon Broccoli Chicken for dinner today. It is EASY to make, and the whole fam loves it. It sort of cooks by itself after the initial pain in the ass prep. That will be a good thing, as I can feel the energy slipping out of my body as I sit here. Yes, I am tired today.

Today will be the first Sunday in weeks that H will be home. The ice cream store is seasonal, and is getting ready to close for the winter. Beginning today, no more Sundays. By the end of the month, no more job. He draws unemployment, and works at the dealership with me alot of the time. He has more that enough to keep him busy during this years off season, hopefully, by the beginning of the new Ice Cream Store year, this house will be finished.

D starts her new job tomorrow, she is nervous. But excited.

My race was last night, Tony came in second. He was trying to bring it in first, but just didn't have the car that Jimmy Johnson did. At least dipshit--aka Jeff Gordon---didn't win it. We were home in time to see the last fifty laps. :)

Owner will be back to work sometime Monday or Tuesday. I actually have missed him, he is the craziness of the whole place. I really, really am behind, and we are going to leave on vacation on Friday of this week. I have one hell of a lot to get accomplished by then. ugh.

I am not too sure that the bicycles will be accompanying us on our trip---I have been unable to get near mine in the past two weeks. I really was looking forward to biking in SD. Maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get on it today, or in the next few days and see how it goes. The problem is, I am too new at it to be able to ride much, and hauling them all the way out there for a couple of twenty minute rides seems a little dumb. I guess I will do whatever H wants to do about it, ultimately, he will be the one that has to mess with it.

I came home yesterday to a relatively clean house. And a mess in the entryway, where H was putting the new chandelier. Me, being irritated that he started such a project so late in the day, when I wanted to drive to Des Moines and have dinner with the kiddos. It was the first that I had mentioned that plan, so of course-he had no idea what i was thinking. What, ME a bitch? Ummm yes, it DOES sound that way. He had already done all the laundry, somewhat cleaned the main bathroom, vacuumed the entire house...God. I am awful. And I told him so. And apologized. It must suck to be him sometimes. :(

I'm off to my day. Or the couch. Whichever comes first. Later.


Anonymous said...

oooh jamie,

Red Lobster...yummy!!! we got that here too! i surely miss that food!! well, here's to hoping your day gets better.

SOUL: said...

hey there...

well... all in all, that doesn't sound soooo bad. i'm sure it was worse... cuz of course... cuz you are YOU afterall.
BUT... sounds good to me overall. got some laughs, jamie -clan time, YUMMY food, garlic breath... man ya just can't beat beat garlic breath... at least npt when it's from GOOD food. you can taste that shit for days sometimes. on the other hand... ALWAYS be SURE that your H..or bed partner, eats the SAME thing!!!!

also.. on the topic of food ... OMG... FOOD! you know i love food! i never made the brocolli thing you mentioned.. send me the recipe please? we eat chicken like 100 times a week here, and some variation from stir fry or pasta or whatever, would be wonderful. ya know, that would be good with asparagus too. hmmmm.
ok... i hate when i get here: i am now at the point that i remember nothing, if anything of your post now.
except that it was long, and although mentioned pain... you sounded fairly good.
loved the cat reference... how i can relate. my gawd throw that B(*&$& out the window! ( i know... just kidding, but i am right there with ya.. altho, my kid is 13.. if she was your kid.... i would be draggin her ass outta bed to clean puke!) ha, suuuuure soul, suuuure. pushover.

am i blogging in your box again?
do you mind? it just kinda happens sometimes. you know.. cuz i just can't shut the hell up! (do they have meds for that?)

oh, back to a sorta serious note... do you have a handicapped tag for your car? you oughtta ask the neuro doc to get you one... just pick up a form from the DMV before your appointment and give it to him/her... when ya go. obviously... with legs that dont work you should have no problem getting one. i do know how you feel about being slow or limping though.. i do it too. slow all the time... i dont limp all the time, but i do often, depending on how my body decides to treat me at the time. but like you said... the family gets used to it. if yours is like mine... they have learned to walk at your pace and not leave you behind. if they have reached that point... you should KNOW that it does not bother them.

as hard as it is to beleive... they want you.. however you are... laughing, going out, enjoying each other.... rather than living on the couch.
trust me on that. if nothing else...if i haven't learned one thing through all these years of physical and mental BS... my soul clan... love who is in me... if i limp... they hold my hand to steady me. if i can't get out of bed... they understand. if i do for them... when i feel i can't go on another second... they know it's because i love them, and they appreciate it. ( even though... i find it easy to resent cuz i want pity and coddling much of the time when i am in pain etc...
but ya know what
if they babied me all those times
i bet i would be in the wheelchair i have feared for years already
tough love i reckon huh?
whatever "keeps us on our feet"

alright !
i'm leaving.

are you UP yet?
i see your message.. do you see mine?

Josie Two Shoes said...

Morning Jamie! Red Lobster?? And you didn't Soul and me?? Well!! :-) Sounds like you had a great time, laughter IS the best medicine. Delighted to hear that vacation week is coming up, bikes or no bikes, I hope you have an awesome time! Block all calls from the office on your cellphone! :-) Soul is right about you and the walkin', your family loves you just as you are. They wouldn't trade you in for nothing. Pukin' cats - oh yeah! If you feed them dry food that helps eliminate hairballs (several brands out there now) and brush them often, it helps - some. Sounds so lovely in the morning, doesn't it?! Stepping in it is even better! That's the only part of having a furkid that I don't miss!

SOUL: said...

soooo, jamie... what came first? the chicken, or the couch?

Portia said...

no wonder you're tired...that post wore me out just reading it! just kidding:) i love that your family has such a great time together. that's definitely the way it should be!