Saturday, September 08, 2007

Crazy day.

Just a quick post...this day has been crazy! People coming in here at work, thinking that we ought to make the time to sell them dare they think they come before my blogging?
As usual, at least lately, I am hobbling around here, very slowly. But I am moving, and that's a plus. I was stupid enough to go out drinking last night, and while it did NOTHING to help me physically, it really helped my mental status...i really needed a little fun. Of course, we were out late, and I am tired, but not hungover...but man oh legs are on fire.
I will try and get something worthwhile up later-in the meantime, I really hope all of you are having a great weekend! Out.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Hey there Jamie! I'm glad you got out. If it helped distract you from all the stresses for a little while, it was probably worth it! Will you get to stay home tomorrow, if you survive today? LOL at those folks thinking their new car purchase takes priority. Can't they see you're bloggin?!! hehehe (I hate it when life gets in the way of puter time. :-)

Amanda said...

We are trying. =) Hope yours turns around as well.

I've been meaning to ask you: In your experience which season do most people buy cars? Just curious.

SOUL: said...

general manager eh? seems you've mentioned that a couple times lately. hmmmm.

ok... back to reality.

i am soo glad you were able to get up and go out last night. you were on my mind, wondering if you were trapped on the couch or not. glad you were not. sometimes mental status can make the body feel a bit better... and vice versa as well. you know that.
maybe you can rest some tonight?

as much as i do not want to i have to go out tonight. i thought i had to go to a concert... but i don't...soulman and i shall drop the teeny souls off at the shin dig, and we then shall go out and eat my last solid meal for the next two days. hmmm what will it be? a steak? a big fat rib eye that i can not afford? yes, i beleive so. seein as i can have nothing but soup and laxatives til tuesday !!!

OMG. laugh. go ahead and laugh. i know you think it's funny.

anyways... the time has come. i must go. to guess where? dallas!
why? why me?

ok... i'm bein rushed now.
should be back by 9.. if htere is not a time difference, and you are home and moving... look for me. k?

have a good one

Andrew said...

Glad you had a good time Jamie! I wish I could party from time to time. I just have a habit of partying ALL the time when I start! hehe. Take care friend.

SOUL: said...

pssst... whaddayadoin??

Maria said...

Hey, I always say that there is nothing that an apple martini can't fix.

Anonymous said...

hey drinking always helps eh??? ha i was doing the same in around midnight..but yeah it was FUN!!! im back online Jamie...come back to see me!!

simonsays said...

Soul---i think i am getting the gist of it, when you get up, come and find me. I should be here, if I am still awake---

But if what I am thinking is right, that is AWESOME!

SOUL: said...

no jamie, you are off a bit. but FIND ME ASAP!
surely you arent sleeping anymore?
you bettah find me befor ei go fishing!
it is 755 at the sound of the beep