Monday, September 10, 2007

A new week

Amazingly, I feel better. I can walk...slowly, but i can walk. The pain is still hanging around, but it is manageable. Yes, I feel better. If you don't count this stupid sore throat and horrible cough that i suddenly was attacked with last evening...WTH?

I wanted to get on my bike all day yesterday....but I really thought that i would only be asking for trouble. So I didn't. But when I am feeling moderately well, I feel really guilty if I don't do something that is good for me at least once a day.

This week will be a four day week full of nothing but WORK. I have so much to accomplish before i can go on vacation. Early on Friday, H and I will be hitting the road. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to only being on OUR schedule, and doing what ever the hell we feel like. I am still undecided about taking the bikes, like I said before, I guess I will leave that up to H.

I made a decent dinner yesterday, cleaned up the mess, and took a nap. I woke up late in the afternoon, and laid on the couch with H, and watched a movie. It was a perfect day and a perfect evening. The weather has finally changed to bearable, in fact, I have the windows has literally been months since I was able to do that. For the first time ever in the summer, the utility bill hit more than $300. I really had expected it to, the ac unit droned on and on all the time, but I really thought that was a little excessive. One other time in the eleven years that we have lived in this house, the energy bill was that high, but it was during one of Iowa's brutal winters, and the price of natural gas was on a roll. I wonder how on earth really poor people manage to pay bills like that.....I don't like having to pay, but i am grateful that I can. There certainly have been times in my life when I worried how i was going to keep my kids warm....or cool....

I'm off to my Monday. I hope that yours is great, and mine, too! I have tons to do....ugh. Out.


Summer said...

I am so looking forward to your vacation! I know how that sounds. I want you to have YOU time for more than a few hours at a stretch.

SOUL: said...

look jamie... another insomniac !!!
hiya summer! and hey... i'm sposed to be first here. whaaaa.

mornin jamester...
you better not work too hard this week... stay at your desk as much as you possibly can, and OFF of those feet !!! find you a fairy.. :)))/// ok, a runner, to run the papers here and there. or whatever else is possible to be done by someone else. this is protect and preserve week!!!
you have a vacation to go on... this is the time to tell the boss... to do it himself, or you're takin sick days!!!
this is soooo important that if you are finally beginning to feel and walk better, that you take care of yourself and continue to listen to your body. so you can enjoy the time in dakota.
i want to hear only GOOD things! when you return. i of course will listen to the bad... but i am sooooo hoping it;s all good.

and about the bikes... better to have them and not use them, than to not have them and wish you did????

are ya gonna pen blog while your gone???? or send me a post card?
i want a pic..a real pic of the dead presidents... i never been there. :)) but i wqant your head in it lol

k.. i better drag the soul kid outabed.

then i get to drink my shit cocktail and sit on the potty all day.
talk about "i'd rather be fishin"

whata bunch of crap.

hahahahah i couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

hey jamie...that's good you're feeling least the pain's manageable and any improvement..even if it's just a better than nothing. i bet you're looking forward to your vacation! i would be and i JUST had mine..whaaah i want another one!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Hi Jamie! I know you are going to be so busy that your days 'til Friday will fly by. I know how much you are looking forward to that escape! Very glad to hear that you're legs are feeling a little better this AM, nice to start the week not in agony. Hopefully that cold will disappear fast! Your $300 cooling bill makes me very grateful for my little bitty space. Rick's hit $260 at the farm last month, highest there ever too. Take care, give the boss a welcome back hug and tell him you're leavin' early! :-)

Beth said...

aw Jamie....feel mbetter soon. Gimping around makes ya tired!! Even if you ARE a good looking gimp!!

and your day sounds perfect to me...laying on the couch...

SOUL: said...

by the way...
if it is any consolation
my electric bill this time was 357.00
wanna pay it?
aww shit, i'm just kiddin. :))
y'all are gonna get so sick of my crappy jokes today.

SOUL: said...

hey... i wanna be at the top of your link list!!!

Portia said...

i'm glad it was such a good weekend! you sound great, course that could also be the fact that you've only got 4 days left before vacation!!! doesn't really matter why as long as you're feeling better. i hope today was a good one:)

Maria said...

I KNOW. Can you believe this weather? I live next door in Nebraska (let's meet up sometime, wanna?) and I wore a jacket today!

I love watching TV and laying on the sofa together. Unfortunately, Bing and I don't share the same taste in TV. Last night we tried to watch that new HBO show about love...and it was just simply too stupid. We switched it over to the food network and I fell asleep. Under the quilt. Haven't done THAT either in a long, long time....

I am SO glad you are feeling better!

abbagirl74 said...

You sound like I feel... ready for vacation baby!!!! Oh, and thanks for reversing the alphabetical order of your link list. I hate being last in everyone's blogroll. ;)

SOUL: said...

did you change it? well, i'm still not first... quick, call the wahaaaambulance!

ps.. call one in the morning too... i can't have any coffee when i get up. whatever will i do?

well, actually... i pray i'll be done with that by the time i roll out of bed,

what a day.
hope you ahd a good one.
latah tatah

SOUL: said...

wth was i talkin about? call one?
wonder where else i went last night that i dont remember.
i gotta stop that. geesh
c ya latah