Friday, September 07, 2007

Lil' 'ol perfect ME

So many things are getting by me...such as, yesterday at work, I realized that no one had gone to the post office and picked up the mail....for seven days! Kathy, my assistant, before she left that is, always did it. Yes, that is one way to avoid paying the bills, but probably not a good idea. Of course, it took a truck to bring it all back to the dealership....yes, I AM a good, effective general manager. Yes.

Then I sort of realized that D's boyfriend hadn't left recently. I mean, at all. Not even for work. Or to go home. OR TO SHOWER AT HIS OWN HOUSE. I begin to wonder if I have a permanent house guest....and guess what? It seems I might.

And I realized last night that i am supposed to pick up my records at the doctors office, on Friday. No problem, today is Friday. Ummm...except they meant LAST Friday. Ooops.

CrazyDog really likes to eat each and every night. If that doesn't happen some time between the hours of five pm and eight pm, she tends to give you the old left hook, gently at first, then she gets a little pissy about it.

The employees at the dealership and at the ice cream store really enjoy being paid on time. They tend to start growling at me when this doesn't happen, or if it does happen but it's all screwed up. WTF???

This is just a small example of what i have NOT been keeping up with, at least not correctly. I am not good at being mediocre. Not even a little. My only excuse: too much to do on the job(s) recently, and really...all i can think about are pills to stop the pain, and the couch at the end of the day. So, before you all tell me what an inspiration I am, i hope you know how messed up all things around me really are.

I should drag myself off to the shower. I hope all of you have a really great Friday. Later.


the landshark said...

FIRST! woohoo!

in all those situations, just stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself: WWKD? and it will all be okay. :D

ps- you're still pretty hot.

Portia said...

kind of funny about D's boyfriend...that's pretty much exactly how my husband moved me in with him & his family way back when.
you said yourself, you're not good at being mediocre, which tells me you know this is not the norm for you. which implies that it will pass.
that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for help though. i've been holding my tongue about this owner person as it's not really my business, but this all seems more than a little unfair. you are single handedly keeping their business afloat while trying to deal with debilitating pain.
like it or not, you are an inspiration because you are doing more than one person should ever be asked to do. i know things feel like they're falling apart, but under the circumstances, i think you are doing a stellar job.
i am praying for some relief for you soon!

JYankee said...

hey im like that too! lettin lots of "little" things slip by...hmmm

Josie Two Shoes said...

Damn, and here I thought you were PERFECT! Now I'm gonna have to cancel the order for that pedestal! LOL Lord Jamie, you ARE an inspiration to me... why? Because you somehow manage to keep trying long after all the rest of us would have crawled into a corner and quit. You are determined to take care of everyone and everything, even when you feel horrible. It is no wonder if a few things slipped by your regular attention, Lord girl, it's a miracle that you are on your feet at all. Keep a to-do list, I couldn't live without one. LOL about the mail, we close our offices for a week at Christmas and it does indeed take a truck to bring the mail in following. Yuck. I say... light a match to it! :-) I suppose it's silly to ask if you will get to stay at home tomorrow, but I hope that you at least can kick back Sunday - someone else's turn to make dinner, does D cook? Does her boyfriend? Just what you need - another kid to care for!

SOUL: said...

hi jamie... i'm late makin my rounds today... sorry...but see? you aren't the only one who's backslidin.
hey, stuff like this is bound to happen when you are boy wonder !!! you are carrying the load of seven people if you haven't noticed... and an awful damned heavy load at that.
wish there was something i could do.
joz said it though... i had to start usin the ole list and calender too. i forget everything... if i don't write it down. and then... if i write it down... hell, i'll forget to look at it, and still forget.
crap, i say.
don't beat yourself over stuff like this. obviously , everybody has survived through a few forgetful moments. correct?
just pick the ball back up, and move on with it..... maybe even let someone else carry it now and then. have H help remind you of important things, and help with payrolls etc. would he do that?
baby steps, and one thing at a time. k? if we look at the whole picture at once... i don't even wanna think about it.
one thing at a time...
start with today.
let tomorrow take care of itself. (well, take care of tomorrow, when it gets here)
too bad it doesn't really, just take care of itself.)

ok ok ok... i'll leave.



Maria said...

Pain will do that to you...

And I have days like too, when I swear TO GOD that my bed is calling to me and not in a sexy way.....

I can actually hear it.."Maria, come on in and stretch out your legs, relax your back and drift awwaaayyy.."

Feel better soon, you.

Proxima Blue said...

I hope you get an ewn, super-efficeint assistant soon!
Take Care,

Proxima Blue said...

oops, I meant "new" super-efficeint assistan soon.

I typed too fast.

Summer said...

I've been thinkng about you tonight, wondering how your pain is. I'm right there with you. I've taken so much medication that I've nauseated myself. Ha!

Amanda said...

Sorry, you are still an inspiration. :) And sometimes you're my whip too.

As in: "Jamie had to cancel some work because she was in great pain today...what's your excuse."

Josie Two Shoes said...

I agree with Amanda on that, if I find myself whining about a few minor aches and pains, I think of you, what you are dealing with, and you keep going. Then I shut up and get back to it! Inspiration... definitely! I'd pass along my saint halo - if I could find it - but you probably wouldn't like it either, they are uncomfortable as hell! :-)

SOUL: said...

where are you????
no post? no sign?
well... guess what... go read my post// you saved my life jamie.
you really coulda.
i need to get outta here, and do so many things i don't wanna do. but i gotta.
i will let ya know when i have some time...maybe we can do some catchin up?
i gotta get movin.
speakin of catchin up. will it ever happen