Saturday, August 11, 2007

What do you get when you fall in love?

It's five o'clock on a Saturday....morning, that is---what the hell am I doing up at this hour? I have been awake since three-thirty, which is usually when I get home on a Saturday morning,but I was in no condition to go anywhere last night, so I was asleep by nine thirty. Yes folks, this is what old age does to you. It takes all the fun out of life. We had planned to go out, but I could hardly walk when I got home from work. I am working too hard, and I am really beginning to resent it. And I am still behind in my bookwork, and that will take all weekend to catch up. Blech.

But things are ticking along the way they are supposed to, I suppose. YS is feeling better, well enough to go the state fair last there is a trip----the Iowa State Fair....I hadn't been in awhile, so H and I went last year, met up with YS and GF, and holy-hell---did it ever suck! Our wonderful state fair made number two on the national "things to do this summer" list that was in some national magazine---us news or time, or was number two only to visiting las vegas. And apparently, everyone took their was the most CROWDED, hottest fricken place I had ever been. Because I don't love my food on a stick, I fail to see the interest, I suppose, although it is a good place to watch the dregs of the earth come out from under their rocks for ten days. Mostly, it was hell for me. I think H and I may have been there for about an hour...and I shoved and hundred and a half dollars into YS's hand and told he and GF to have fun, and we got the hell out of there. You couldn't move your arm without running it into someone, you couldn't walk without bumping into someone, and it was seriously about a hundred degrees...and do you know what a gazillion hot, sweaty people SMELL like? ugh...I think we will find something else to do this year.... But anyway, YS is on the mend.

D has a job interview coming up, that makes me happy. I am certain it would be something she would be excellent at, as most things are, and i am keeping my fingers crossed. :)

OS is playing in a basketball tournament today, here in town. Unfortunately, I have to work, as freakin' always, and I won't be able to cheer him on. I love to watch that kid play, it really does something to me, I am so proud of him. He is very talented, and at his MOST happy when he is on the court.

I have tons to do today, and the service/parts department will be closed. Hopefully, it will be calm enough for me to actually get something done. I should get going, I guess, but even though I was home last night, I am still tired, as usual, and feeling somewhat crappy. I am hoping that changes...and I hope that your day is awesome, as well! Out.


Anonymous said...

well hope your day is ok... i know what its like...its very crowded here in Japan with most people off this week... the pool was pretty bad and who knows what Disneyland will be like!!!!

CCC said...

I know what you mean; I was in bed by 9! And I can't stand OVER-crowded events either. Get me outta there!!! :D

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Jamie, I so want to see you outta that place,and the long hot days. I wanna see an end to the 12 hour shit too - that's just too hard on your body with all the other stuff it has to deal with!

No, you're NOT getting old yet... that's my role, you've got plenty party still left in you just need to feel better first. Less stress and playin in the heat would help. Keeping my fingers crossed on the job interview - change is ROUGH, but also exciting - maybe it's the blessing God has waiting for you!! Glad you don't have to play in "parts" today, I hope your office has A/C. Can you lock the door to get some work done?

Ahh yes, the fair. Have done them many times, and like you I grew up on them. They have changed or maybe life has. I don't like the smelly crowds or heat or tripping over screaming, sticky kids... but I DO love to see the animals - all of them - even the chickens, cows and pigs! Must be the Dakota girl left in me. :-)

So nice to read the updates on your kids, sounds like things are going better all around. When the kids are happy - Mom is happy, how I know that! Will join your prayers for the D's job!

Maria said...

I HATE state fairs and I have to admit that I have been to the Iowa (my birthplace) one and I thought it was one of the better ones, but I did hate the heat.

It is like they always manage to have them on the hottest frackin days of the year, yes? The Nebraska state fair is always hot and muggy and crowded and I mean, I can only look at a cow made of butter for so long before it starts to sort of make feel sick in this heat (although it is always in that nice a/c room).

We are neighbors, so I know that you are suffering in this heat, too. Good hell...this is roasting heat, I can't even work in my garden for more than a half hour and everything is bursting out, just begging to be picked.

I can in two weeks...

Let's just think ahead to two months when it is October and the trees are golden and red and the air is sweatery instead of sweltery.

Do you ever wonder what our ancesters were thinking settling in the heartland?

simonsays said...

Maria, I HAVE wondered about that, but I think all places have some kind of weather that is unlivable, if for only a short time each year. I grew up in Phoenix, and while i know it's a "dry heat" there, 115 is still fricking HOT. Everytime I hear the DRY HEAT thing I laugh....everyone, and I mean everyone says that out there. It is still hot! I really do like the midwest...unless some day I could move to northern arizona...that would be my choice of places to live. But family is what makes a home, a home, and I suppose I will never get there, as all of my family is here. I was once at the Nebraksa State fair, like a hundred years ago, it was fun!

simonsays said...

Josie, I want out of the place, too. I really don't know when that occured, as I used to love my job. But I am just so tired. I suppose that's the problem...Thanks for caring. Sate fair's ARE made for the young, at least in my opinion, and I used to have the best time, it was something I looked forward to all year long. I like the animals, too, most of them anyway, but I always feel so sorry for them, penned up, so hot...I am such an idiot for animals, I could never be a farmer, I would have the horses and chickens and cows in my house, in the ac...teehee

simonsays said...

CCC- I am old, not you! I have ten long years on you, girl---you should be out partying until dawn...:)

simonsays said...

JYankee----I hope it isn't too crowded for you to have fun in sounds great, and Aly will have a ball!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Ahh yes the "dry heat" rebuttal speech when you try to tell anyone it's HOTTER THAN HELL here in the Southwest! I liken it to "sticking your head in an oven"... that's "dry heat" too! LOL I hate humidity, but I hate 110 degrees in my car even more! But yes, everywhere does have it's benefits and drawbacks. Down here winter is so mild - after being raised in Dakota, this his heavenly - except at Christmas. Christmas without snow will never feel quite right.

Summer said...

I hope you're feeling better tonight. I hate crowds too. Especially smelly ones. Get some rest Girly!

SOUL: said...

damn jamie.. the one day you feel chatty... i miss it !!!!

sorry you're havin a rough time lately. it'll level out soon. doesn't it always? well, for a while at least.
i'm really hoping that this new job thing works out for you and is everything you want and need it to be.. for your min, body, and soul! and the money would be nice too! :))

happy to hear all your youngsters are doing well, but sorry to hear that you couldn't spend time with the boys. i know how that goes. damn crowds, i'm allergic to crowds, and walking, and noise. i hate all that. i get vicious sometimes in crowded places. not violent... so far.... but i have spouted off at people at times, inappropriately :)
i'm sure they understood your need to leave, or not see the game.

good luck to the girl with her job too! also hoping that works out for her.

damn, i'm gettin so mushy, i'm almost "smushy".
what can i say... that's why they call me Soul. :)

anyhow... maybe i will catch you in the mornin. not sure. i took a late and looong nap today. i may be up real late and sleep in... maybe not. nevah know. but i will look for you.

hope you get some good sleep tonight, and feel better.

Gina said...

well I sure hope that you get a chance to relax and regroup. Sometimes it's hard to see the trees for the forest...we get so tangled in our work. I sincerely hope, Jamie that you are doing the thing you want to be doing as you are not stuck in anything you choose not to be stuck in. Sometimes we just need a break but other times we just NEED a change!!! CHANGE IS good. TAKE CARE!!!