Friday, August 10, 2007

Living on Tulsa time

I am really not well this morning, too long of a week, too much heat, too much running. Yesterday turned out to be quite a day. What could go wrong, absolutely did. So I am no nearer to getting any real work done than I was twenty-four hours ago. But today is a new day, and I honestly am trying to be positive, so you will see that the first few sentences of this post will be the only whiney ones. Because of that, I think I had better sign off. My momma always told me "if you can't say anything good, then don't say anything at all". Actually, that is not true---I always wanted her to say stuff like that, but she wasn't too much the traditional mom. She would say things to me like "a stiff penis has no conscience". Yep, that was my mom.....Later, Gators. Out.


SOUL: said...

ugh boy. ya go mom! my mom was a bit that way when it came to men too. "ALL men cheat, never trust a man, that kinda thing. it took years with my hubby for him to teach me that ALL men are created equal.
good lord.
some peoples bad relationship philosophies are better kept out of their childrens book of advice. ya think?

anyhow... i do hope you have a better day today. sounds like you're havin a track record about like mine for the week.
WTH.. is it HELL WEEK for every woman over 40? shhh, i didn't mention any ages here.
but is it. read any blog, and you'll see. the puppies are havin a great time.. the old fogeys are the ones fallin apart.

where IS this fountain of youth they speak of?
pont me in that direction, and lets take a roas trip!

SOUL: said...

ummm skuze me, that would be ROAD trip. erg

simonsays said...

I am all for that trip---I would love to get rid of the wrinkles and grey hair, but most of all, I want body parts (such as legs) that work and don't hurt!

SOUL: said...

LET"S GO!!! we'll find it somewhere.

simonsays said...

Soul---I have to head to the shower now...damn, I want more than anything to sit right here in my chair and "chat".

I hope your day today is hassle free...and that you feel as good as possible. :)

SOUL: said...

well...same goes here jamie.. cept the shower part...that can wait. i'm gonna sit on my ass for hours and drink coffee and chain smoke.

will catch ya latah.
i do hope you have a better day.
GREAT even.
think happy thoughts. :))

Portia said...

not the apple pie kind, but wisdom nonetheless.
good luck with the happy thoughts. i am working on it myself this AM.
as for your job, one person can only do so much. i hope you're not working over the weekend so you can at least appreciate the fact that IT'S FRIDAY!!!
i hope it's a good one :)

SOUL: said...

crap i meant to say all men are NOT created equal. i guess i was still kind of asleep when i wrote that., gawd i'm just so lame sometimes. whatever happened to proofreading?

hurried much?

hope your morning is a good one

SOUL: said...

not the apple pie kind, but wisdom nonetheless.


why is everyone confusing me with all these weird off the wall sayings?

and jamie.. that one you threw out the other day.. i don't even remember it now... but criminey.. HUH?
is it a conspiracy to confuse SOUL???
cuz it's workin. :))

abbagirl74 said...

You are such a hard worker, no doubt about that. Got any time off coming soon?

Amanda said...

Shhh...please don't tell anyone but I sort of agree with her.

simonsays said...

Soul: are you talking about the ass over tea kettle comment or "if it harelips the governor"?

SOUL: said...

the hairlip one ! good lord. i had to read that twice to make sure i even read it right! i thought i'd heard them all. apparently i was mistaken.
then of course the teakettle one came...and now apple pie and wisdom.

things that make ya go crazy.
i mean
things that make ya go hmmmmmm

i hope you fell good and are havin a good day!

SOUL: said...

that is.. FEEL GOOD
tired much?

SOUL: said...

psssstt jamie... you up? doubt it, just checkin.

SOUL: said...

hey... you on????

SOUL: said...

hmmm...well, i guess i missed ya, :((
c ya later
have a good day...well, try to.