Friday, July 20, 2007

Ta Da....

The one thing that I have always believed about life: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. And that has been proven to me once again by the way this past week has gone. I am living single, and I have spent most of the week on my back, feeling like hell, for no apparent reason. No more. I am going back to work today, for a couple of reasons. Mostly, I cannot do another day in this house. And because I have so much to do. I am not expected back there until Monday, direct orders from Owner, but he doesn't understand the job I do. I certainly scared the hell out of everyone there. It made me feel so bad. Oh, and I spent several hours yesterday, waiting for some glitch between/hosp/dr/ins co to be resolved, apparently it never was, and i gave up. So tests are to be rescheduled. Okay, that's the update. I am still alive and would take a hell of a lot more to get me all the way down.

I thought the whole world had heard this, but I told it to owner yesterday and since he is the joke king and had never heard it, I will take the chance:

Young man to woman on the bus....: "Excuse me ma'am, but why do you have a tampon behind your ear?"

Woman to young man on the bus....: "Good heavens, what on earth did I do with my pencil?"

Over and Out.


Anonymous said...

U've been thru a lot this week... really. But what a great joke!!!

Angelissima said...

Laughter is the best medicine!
Its proven. I applaud you for not laying around feeling sorry for yourself. That kind of self-pity gets us nowhere.

That being said, listen to your body. If things don't feel right, try not to overdo it. You know all this stuff...I sound like a Mommy.

Be good to yourself!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I can certainly understand why you'd want to go back to work.

Can I email you? I searched for your address but couldn't find it.

Portia said...

thanks for the joke:) i think i heard it a long time ago but i don't remember them so it was good.

i hope your weekend is better than your week was!! seriously.

CCC said...

took me like....30 seconds to get the joke!!! i getting effing old or what??? (((((jaime))))) I hope you feel better soon girl. rest up, the best you can.

Summer said...

Stopping by after vacay. I hope you're getting the rest you need.