Thursday, June 21, 2007

You are the sunshine of my life or the beast of burden?

I am walking a little crooked today, apparently sometime between bedtime and awake time I managed to hurt my back, what the HELL do I do when I am sleeping? It really sort of hurts, not what I need today. I am hoping that it will work itself out when I get moving around...

Things here are pretty much the same, long, hot days at work, spending my time between my own job and the service department, it is getting really tiring, but until things settle down and the parts manager gets a better grip on what to do, I have no choice. I think I may have to fill in at the ICS today, for a short time, I am not sure yet. And this is another twelve hour day...good heavens, they come around so quickly anymore. But I am trying to keep on the positive side, and right now, I really am just tired, and in pain a little with my back....but it will all improve and things are never as bad as they seem at five in the am with the whole, long day spanning out in front of me. :)

This day has the longest daylight of any day in the year, and i really have noticed it this year, it is getting light now, and that really is early. Tomorrow however, we are on the downhill side of it, and with the way my life is flying by me these days, the shortest amount of light will be just a blink away. Along with winter, and snow and Christmas....ugh.

All of my kiddos are doing okay, it seems that I haven't said anything about them in awhile...not that their lives don't keep me on the edge, just that there hasn't been any huge the hell do you make a plural of the word crisis? Anyway, thing are basically okay, knock on wood, good heavens...always knock on wood where they are concerned.

Just a random fact/question here: My youngest son's ring tone on my phone is: "You are the sunshine of my life"by Stevie Wonder. Oldest son's is "Beast of burden"by the stones. Daughters is "what's new, pussycat?"by Tom Jones, H's is "Tub thumping" byChumba Wumba...teehee that one makes me giggle when he calls....What ring tones do you have for those that matter to you?

I suppose I will be getting on with my day. It makes me more tired thinking about it, I may as well just get on with it. Have a great, too. Later.


CCC said...

Here's to you having a fab day (even if it's a long one for you)! As busy as you get, I'm sure it will pass quickly. I'm in the same boat. Lots of clients to train. If your back doesn't improve, try Bengay back pads, very effective.

SOULMANGE: said...

sorry you're hurting today, hope it does feel better as you get moving.

you just had to mention "winter" already? let me complain about the heat a while longer first! i'm one of those who rarely, if ever even goes outside when it's cold. yuk. i have that SAD..seasonal depression. so my already depressed state is almost continual during the winter. i dread it.

anyhow... i don't have the option to have personal ID ringers. the ones you've chosen sound fairly suitable.
but as it is..i can only have the normal boring ringer on my phone...or i don't even realize it's a phone ringing. my mind doesn't register theme songs or odd tunes and tones to a phone. odd i know. it just doesn't. so my cell phone rings like the house phone.basically.

i could be wrong , but i think the plural form is ... crises ??? i dunno.
word of the day.? let's just hope it's not the theme of the day!

feel better and have a good day!

evalinn said...

That´s so sweet!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I am so incredibly uncool and boring when it comes to techno-stuff, Jamie. I have one ringtone on my cellphone... I just pick the loudest of the ones that come with the thing. It annoys me, but I am too lazy or otherwise preoccupied to find and download another. Will probably have it on that one 'til the phone dies a natural death! :-)

SOUL: said...

boogie back to texas!