Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This is me, being positive:

I am grateful that I still have a job, even though at times, I would pay you to take it.

I am grateful that people think I know what I am doing, and value my opinion, otherwise no one would be outside my office door all day long.

I am grateful, obviously, for each of my kiddos, they mean everything to me.

I am grateful that H and I are still together, hanging in there, and our 11th anniversary is two days away.

I am grateful for my mother, and that she is feeling somewhat better, at least enough to enjoy parts of her life.

I am grateful for Owner, my friend first, my boss second.

I am grateful for CrazyDog for without her in the house, there would be alot less laughter and love.

I am grateful that is has been busy at the garage and at the ice cream store.

I am grateful for each of my sisters.

I am grateful that I can walk again.

I am grateful.



SOULMANGE: said...

i am grateful, that yu are grateful jamie...especially that your meds are working, and you are in less pain. that is the best part!
i am also grateful that you just reminded me of the fantabulous "gratitude list". it is quite a contrast to my yesterays blog post, wouldn't ya say? i was far from grateful.
i hope you continue to see and feel the good today !
take care

evalinn said...

That´s great! Why couldn´t u walk before?

simonsays said...

I could walk evalinn, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult due to pain from neuropathy. New medications have really, really helped. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

And you are a wonderful blessing to ME, Jamie! This was just the thoughts I needed to calm down and center myself and focus on the fact that I am in good hands... God's hands!

CCC said...

Wow...thank you. I needed a reminder today

SOUL: said...

me too.