Friday, June 08, 2007

I'd like to teach the world to sing....

Well I certainly am late with this post, I skipped a whole day. I woke up yesterday with the worst feeling in my stomach, and me, being me, ignored it and went about my business as usual. Of course, after only a couple of hours at work, I realized that i needed to get home before I tossed my cookies---right there in front of God and everyone. I barely made it, but make it, I did. I hate throwing up---I know, everyone does. But I HATE THROWING UP. I will do anything NOT to throw up. I will lay perfectly still for hours, just to avoid barfing. Yesterday, there was no bargaining----I made up for a few years on NOT doing it. Laying on the bathroom floor for awhile, I realized----I need to clean my bathroom carpet. There isn't much else to do while you lay there, and I don't remember actually laying on the floor for decades----back in the day, after drinking to excess. But yesterday, I had no need to pass out, only lay there, waiting for the strength to get up. Once I did, I layed on the couch for hours. Trying NOT to barf again. And I only did one more round....finally, I was able to quit worrying about that part. But soon after, I had to contend with the other end. Great. Suffice it to say, yesterday was not a good day. I am better this morning, weak and shaky, but better. Damn---that one hit me with no warning. I have not been around anyone that is sick---don't you wonder where the hell these things come from? I only hope I didn't spread it around to everyone at work---

Good lord, it's Friday again. Time is absolutely escaping....where am I when it goes by? I have lots to do at work today, I feel bad for missing yesterday. I only have to be at the dealership today, yesterday, I missed working in both places. Fortunately, they were able to cover at the ICS, and the work at the dealership will just wait for me. It always waits for me.

YS hurt his back at work this week----it seems all my kids have weak backs, even though they are all in good shape. I have a bad back, too. I suppose they got it from me. But anyway, he works for Fed-Ex, at one of their million warehouses, throwing packages off of conveyors into trucks, yes I said THROWING, don't ever send anything fragile with them, although I suspect all of the shipping companies are the same. I sent him to a local chiropractor, it seems to be helping, I hope he was able to return to work this morning. Of course, he has no insurance, so I am paying for the treatment. I don't know how kids are supposed to make it in this world---none of mine are currently insured, and that's a bad place to be. I cover the dr bills for them when they have to go, but if there was ever anything bad, I don't know what they would do. Most large companies will employ you just enough to keep from having to pay for insurance for you, it really is pretty pathetic. I can be years before you can move into a full time, benefited position.

I guess I should get with it. My coffee tastes like ass this morning, I suppose I am still not quite right. Lets face it, when I have ever BEEN right? I mean, my taste is still "off". Anyway, hope your day is great, and mine, too. Later.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I was thinking about you yesterday, Jamie, and wondering if you were ok. I've become to anticipate your early morning greeting to the world! :-) Sorry to hear about the flu bug or food bug or whatever got you - just miserable. I am the same about tryiing to avoid throwing up, even though I know I will actually feel better if I get it outta my system. LOL about noticing the carpet needs cleaning. Luckily, most of your bathroom guests won't be in that position to notice! :-)
Hope you do take it easy today,so glad it's not the long one.

Amanda said...

How awful! :(

Glad you're feeling better.

evalinn said...

I´m the same when it comes to being sick, hope u feel better now? Hope u have a good weekend!

SOULMANGE: said...

did you back track to what you ate that day? ugh. i am that way too. i will lay silent and still forever if i have to if it makes that wave pass. sometimes it works.. others, as soon as i speak or move... it's all over with.
the last time i had it like you did... it was due to wally hell brand chili.. of all things. i was sick for the entire rest of that day and night...finally in the morning...nature took it's violent course, and i was fine.
needless to say... i have NEVER bought... fed.. or eaten wally hell chili since !
hope you continue to feel better.

Alissa said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better. I really hate it when you get those sudden attacks.

Will you email me with your email addy? I had to lock my blog down due to family drama...