Saturday, June 09, 2007

"I didn't say we would FIX it, only that we would work on it."

I was up way too late and now I am so very tired. Yesterday turned into quite a marathon, our service manager is *retiring* and has a couple of days of vacation coming, so he has taken a couple of days off. It was so busy the parts manager couldn't keep up with it and I spent the day in the back, running my tail off. Being service manager is physically difficult, our garage area is huge, and anything needing to be done is always on the other side of the shop. It is also a mentally demanding job, no one is ever happy when their vehicle is broken. Nor are they grateful when it's fixed----it shouldn't have broken in the first place. Nor do they like paying fifty dollars an hour for labor---the list goes on and on. So, I was ready for a few brown bottles when the day was over. And I had a few, then stayed up way too late. So, once again, I am tired. But today will be a short day, one that i will be happy to have behind me, at least the work part. I am already running behind, and will be back later---at least the service department is closed today! :)


Amanda said...

Running a garage IS a very ungrateful job. I'm sure people are always unhappy about the repair of their vehicle, even if it doesn't come back making strange noises it didn't make before!

Josie Two Shoes said...

I don't envy you this job for all the world, Jamie. People are rarely grateful for anything they have to pay for, even when it's justified and necessary. I hate taking cars in for repairs! Sadly, the customer service rep gets the abuse for our feelings of resentment. I know all that running had to just wipe you out, hope you will take it very slow today, and feet up tonight!