Monday, June 11, 2007

Ain't no mountain high enough

So the Sopranos SUCKED. And this is why I stayed at home last night? It didn't end, which I realize was the point, but even I could have come up with a better series finale. Grr....

The NASCAR race was also a disappointment; huge rain delay, then cut short due to rain. Dipshit (aka Jeff Gordon) won; right place at the right time, his car certainly wasn't that good. Tony made a pretty good showing, could have possibly won if given more time, although Hamlin or Truex probably would have taken it. Grr....

It was an okay Sunday, lazy. I am getting good at being lazy. I have a book I want to read badly, but I cannot see it, the type is too small. I wish that someone would figure out what the hell is wrong with my eyes. It's hard for me to imagine that I will only be able to read large-print books, I know I am old, but not THAT old. Grr....

Apparently my youngest son (YS) is rather good at taking the marshmallows out of a box of lucky charms, with his mouth, and putting them in another place, again with his mouth, this is according to my Daughter (D), who says he won a contest at Hooters doing just that. That cracked me up, you just never know with that kid. I knew he was talented, I just didn't know the scope of such talent. teehee....

I am not really looking forward to work this morning. The stress and tension there is really getting to me. It comes, of course, directly from Owner, and I understand his stress and tension, although this selling thing could be a really long, drawn out process, it's hard for me to believe that he will survive if he continues on this way. It has taken all the fun out of my job, and I am having a hard time dealing with the unknown on my end, I don't know how to take care of him and me. I cannot imagine life without that job, nor can I imagine being there without him. I will have to manage one of the two, and I keep thinking that until I know what will happen, then I should just forget about it. Impossible with Owner acting like he is.

There has been zero activity on the rental house. Not one bite, not one offer, I know it isn't the greatest place on earth, but it is reasonable priced, a clean place, a good starter house for someone. It isn't killing us to pay for it, but it is getting to be a pain in the ass. We are making a pretty huge mortgage payment, and paying for the electric and water. More than seven hundred a month, I would say, and while that isn't so much, it really is unnecessary. I want to be rid of it. Then I want to sell this old place---and i am moving to the big city. I have had it with small town living. Really. I want an apartment, something that SOMEONE ELSE has to take care of.

We let the kitties and CrazyDog meet yesterday. I had hoped it would help settle CrazyDog down, but that didn't happen. She has always been so vicious with other animals, but surprisingly, she was scared to death---shaking and wagging her tail incessantly. The kitties were all puffed up, and pretty freaked out, so we separated them once again, then CrazyDog got all big and tough, letting us know that she was going to kick their asses, now that she couldn't get anywhere near them. It made me laugh.

Time to get on with my day. I hope this ridiculously long day is great for you, and for me, too! Out.


Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh, I so know where you are coming from Jamie. And I do wish we could get together for that coffee and commiseration! Having your life hanging in limbo sucks. Will be praying for you and me both!

I also hear you on moving to the city. At this age, I am enjoying not worrying about things like repairing furnaces, water wells, and roofs. Nice to lock the door and walk out. I miss having a little patch of yard, but this is much less stressful, and less work to keep clean by far!

LOL at the doggy and kitties... yup the ones with the biggest bark aren't always the bravest when it comes right down to it. He may adjust to them as they get older. Keep introducing them. It usually just takes time.

May your day pass quickly and painlessly!

Amanda said...

I hear you. It's nice to have a house, particularly for son, but phew, what a strain!

CCC said...

I wish I had HBO (!!!)...from the snippets I saw on Fox News today looked damn interesting. Folks are speculating that Meadow was the one who would've gotten killed/shot. What do you think??

SOULMANGE: said...

i was also furious with the sopranos finale ! ugh. i have yet to post my rant on my blog... but i'll get there... "sometime"

as for the house... if i loved there i bet we'd take it. even tho i know little about it.. i'm just sooo ready to get our OWN house. i can't even motivate to decorate this place... because i know we'll just be moving away from it.
hope you have a good day.
oh and tell YS.. great job on the lucky charms thing. sounds like great fun! actually, sounds like something one of my nephews would do!
BOYS. geesh

SOULMANGE: said...

lived... not loved. ugh.