Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ain't no valley low enough

I survived my long day yesterday, and I don't have to repeat it until Thursday. That is a good thing---because those two days about do me all the way in. I got a TON of work done, as well. Owner showed the place to a potential buyer, I HATE this. I am always afraid to say too much about work, as there is/are readers that love to talk to those that really don't need to know. But what I say here, about work at least, has always been said to Owner by a big mouth first. Namely, ME. So, Tony B., the next time you feel compelled to read what is said on my blog to owner, you really need to remember who you are dealing with, and that rarely a thought of mine has gone unspoken. Also, I have no trouble telling my opinion to him, tactfully, or otherwise. So, having said that, I HATE this whole selling thing. It makes me want to cry. It is necessary, but it leaves so many questions and uncertainties, about me, about him....shit.

I am tired today and I have to wrestle with a sixteen page bank statement, uh...probably not the best situation...but the way the damned thing goes some months, it may HELP. I plan on leaving work a little early this afternoon, maybe to play a little. We will see.

Just a random thought: How in the hell can a woman be pregnant, give birth, and claim she never knew she was? Surprise, here's a baby for you. How on earth can that happen? I don't care how large you are, when I was pregnant, all three of my babies took out their aggressions on my insides, sometimes feeling like I would be bruised. How can you NOT know? Doesn't the fact that you are no longer have a "monthly visit" MEAN anything? I don't understand this defense, I don't at all. I also really can't believe it. There are too many things that happen, for one---you get really, really large in the middle. Even for a person who is not very intelligent, even for a person who is really fat, I absolutely do not believe that is possible. Not that it matters in any way to my life, just a random thought, something in the news.

I suppose I should get going. I really would rather go back to bed, but had probably better not. I am hoping for a good day, and one for you, too. Later!


Josie Two Shoes said...

What kind of low-life amuses themself by passing on your blog writing to your boss? That sucks! Everyone needs a place to vent for cripes sake!

Ooh, I've done those giant bank account reconciliations many years past, down to the penny. Definitely not any fun, but surely a challenge.

I so agree with you on the being pregnant thing, but I have heard of it before. Either the woman is so not in tune with her body, or she's in total denial. It might be alittle more buyable in someone who is very young and this is their first. But still, no getting around that big belly, and what DO they make of those tumbles and pummels inside? A bad case of gas for months???

angelissima said...

It sucks about the work/blog thing.
I work for a website and I'm really paranoid about posting anything negative because I know people from work read my blog.

Its hilarious. I'm like 12 years older than the oldest person there. The only one with kids older than 2...(and they are guys!)

Josie has the right idea by being totally anonymous. Oh well.

I can't deal with anything financial. I'm not a numbers person. Funny, my husband is Mr. Numbers. (he got mine!). I wish I could care about financial matters, but I just don't. I'd much rather read and write.

Iowa! What is it like to live in the middle of the country?

the landshark said...

hahaha... that's one way to address that situation. i love it. :)

SOULMANGE: said...

i've always wondered about that "i didn't know i was pregnant" thing too. Good Lord ! there's only like what... fifteen symptoms at minimum. even (and i don't mean this in a bad way) but even retarded women know when they're pregnant! or at least are smart enough to ask someone why this or that is happening to them. UGH!

sorry, what were you saying? hmph. my memory... my senile !

oh ... who the hell read and blabbed? not that i would or need to know them. but that is just WRONG! did this person have something to gain...or just a large mouth.
what an ASS HAT !!
have a great day ! hope you feel good tonight.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry that someone near you is not minding their own business. Life must be pretty boring for them.

A woman, who says she didn't know she was pregnant, is either deeply disturbed or she is lying through her teeth. Either way I would not let her keep the baby, assuming she didn't kill it in the first place.

evalinn said...

I´ve never been pregnant so in a way I guess I wouldn´t know, but I do know self denial can be extremely strong. I´ve seen it in alcoholics, it must be kinda the same thing going. If u don´t want to see it and have an extreme ability to lie to yourself (or just to others)...

CCC said...