Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's new Pussycat?

Memorial Day weekend....and it has done nothing but rain, so far. I think today will be better, although I don't mind the rain, I kind of like it. After reading all my favorite blogs this morning, I have decided that it is raining all over the world----it seems that all of them mentioned precipitation.

Up early on a Sunday morning, what in the world is the matter with me? The truth is, I went to bed fairly early last night, no we did not go anywhere, and that was by my choice, like I said yesterday, getting old sucks. But I just felt like staying in last evening. I read a little, watched some tv, ate really bad chicken take-out, it was nice. After a couple of Michelob Ultra's, the world looked okay from where I was.

Today, D and I are going to drive four hours to spend a couple of hours with my family, my little sis and her kiddos, my older sis, and my mom and stepdad will be there, as well. It is a bit of a spur of the moment plan, but H is working from bells to bells today, and I really, really miss my little niece, she is almost three, and I haven't seen her since they moved away....almost three months ago. Little ones can forget you in a week or two, let alone a month or two. It will be a good day, I think.

My middle child will be twenty-three on Tuesday. How on earth can that be? I can still see him toddling around my feet, throwing his dinner off of his highchair tray (yes, he was one of THOSE kinds of babies), climbing in and out of the fireplace repeatedly, giving me the sweetest kisses, be able to go back to those days....Those days were the very best of my life, and the sad part is, I really didn't even know it. Had I known that then, I would like to think that I would have slowed down a little, and enjoyed every moment...but life really gets in the way of that kind of thinking. There was laundry to do, and food to put on the table, and I worked full time, and oh, sometimes the best memories are also the saddest....But he has turned into quite a man, he has a big, big heart, and he's adorable (even if I do say so myself) and he's so smart, and he's full of integrity, I am just proud. He is a work-out addict, and a health food junkie, and just a really, really good guy. I guess I can say all that even though I am his mom, right?

I suppose I should do something worthwhile----I hope your day is great, and that maybe it STOPS raining all over the world so that we can all enjoy our weekend.


Amanda said...

I'm going to have to post the recipe to my favorite cocktail. 2 and you'll think you're in heaven (but 3 will send you straight to hell.)

It made my eyes all misty reading about your son. Mine is growing way too fast too, it makes me glad and sad at the same time.

Wishing you lots of fun today at the family get-together!

SOULMANGE: said...

hey girlie...
yep...i ditto the fun with the family today thing. if it's an outside thing...i really hope you don't get rained on... (knock on wood!)...wish you lotsa sunshine...with a little cloud cover so it's not too hot! :))
otherwise...i hope someone has a BIG house!

reading about your son, really made me think of my nephews. my sister has three boys... this year, 22, 24, and 26,.... they are like my own kids in my heart. and her oldest, really is a lot like my own...i helped raise him. the first time, i was only 14! when my sis joined the ARMY. he stayed with me and my mom...but mom did little if anything to help with him...i even told kids at school that he was MY baby! (he was just shy of 1 yr old. ) i know, call me mental. but then we all lived together off and on many many times over the next several years...or near each other... so i spent A TON of time with him growing up. ( until i joined the NAVY).. even then, he spent an entire year with me and my hubby and daughter when he was 14. (problems with his step dad)... so ya. i'm so close to those boys. the other two, i missed a lot of their growing up, due to the NAVY... and distance... but still saw/see them whenever possible...and they never cease to amaze me!
do you ever think you can just love too much some times? those kids, and my daughter... maaaan. they consume me!
ok... i'll go now. if i wasn't all anti-depressant-ed up..i'd prolly cry right now! damn meds.
have a great day!

CCC said...

I know! WTF is up with this rain? Your Sat. night pretty much sounded like mine. Although your family get-together sounds like it will be a blast! Have fun...

evalinn said...

It´s not been raining over here :-) I´m putting u up on my blog-list. Hope u had a great Sunday.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Oh Jamie, I can so relate to your stories about your son in his toddler years, that it almost made - me cry thinking of my own. You are right, those were the best years, and we were working so hard at surviving and keeping the family going, that we didn't even notice they were slipping away.

If I gave advice to new moms, it would be just what you said - slow down and enjoy the kids now! Fussing and cleaning can wait. Before you know it they'll be out on their own, and you'll feel like 20 years disappeared in a moment.
But isn't it amazing how great they turn out?!

Alissa said...

I guess you really struck a nerve today talking about your son. I am in those toddling years. My son will be 2 in July. I felt like I missed so much of this time with my daughter who is almost 8, that I am taking it all in, and moving very slow. It's amazing to me that people ask me when I'm gonna have another, and I just sit and think I don't want another baby, I just long for the ones I already had. If I could take my daughter at age 3 for a day, I'd be tickled.

You say all these great things about your son now, and I hope that's my dialog in 20 years. You should feel proud for the son you raised.