Friday, May 18, 2007


I wish I could say that this week has flown by, but the truth is, it has d-r-a-g-g-e-d on. and on. It has been a particularly sucky one, and those are the ones that go so slow. I have felt like ass all week long, although beginning yesterday, I thought that i might be pulling out of it---time will tell.

My computer at home is working again---and D is now able to use hers from upstairs, thanks to a new wireless router.

I paid three dollars and twenty nine cents a gallon for gas last night----don't you agree that is bullshit? I live in Podunk for heavens sake, how can gas cost that much?

I have to sling ice cream today, can't wait. I have already done my share of that this week, as well as many other jobs at the dealership. I am tired, and I see no end in sight. I need to get out of this funk I'm in, the summer is beginning to look pretty bleak. I think I need a vacation--yea, I'll get right on that.

H is meeting with a realtor this afternoon, we are going to list the "other" house, I am tired of having to think about that, too. If we can get it sold relatively soon, I am going to take that apartment in the town in which I work, H can spread his living arrangements around any way he wants--I am just tired of the drive from here to there, and if we can afford to make two house payments, then we can afford to make one house payment and a rent payment.

The weather has been absolutely perfect the past few days. I have only wished i had the strength to get out and do something in it, but I am grateful just to be able to open the windows and let in the air----these kind of days only come around so often, i am quite grateful when they do. It won't be long until we are sweltering in the summer heat.

CrazyDog has not killed D's kittys, but she really would like to have the chance----it is alot of responsibility to keep them separated, but so far, so good.

I guess that's all the drivel I have for you today. I am sorry my posts have been so sporadic recently, I am just out of words. I will be back soon, in the meantime----have a great day!


Amanda said...

That's ok, some weeks are just TOO tough for words. :) Take care of yourself!

SOULMANGE: said...

i would say it is something in the air....because i too have had a very crappy passed week.... but i don't think we share the same air. so....i don't know. guess things are just crap for some of us.
hope you feel better soon.