Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Good Morning folks, you're right, it isn't Monday anymore. I am okay---a little under the weather perhaps, but okay. Things have been quite messed up the past two days, including my computer at home, and I have been too busy here at work to post---plus I am spending my time between both places of work, and that is leaving me zero time---to do anything. D has moved in, and that has changed the balance of things, and I suppose it will until routines can be worked, or re-worked as needed. But mostly, I am just feeling very poorly. Maybe I am getting the flu or something...I will be back soon. Out.


Amanda said...

We got a lot on our plate right now. Lets hope it's not fattening. :P

SOULMANGE: said...

well, glad you checked in. hope you feel better soon, and things settle down. glad your daughter and hubby got home safe. now put that girl to work so you can get some rest! :))