Saturday, May 19, 2007

Being caught on a flip-flop?

Happy Saturday to all ---oh, how i wish I were able to take this day off, but I have to be at the garage---pretty soon, actually. I don't think I will work too long today, depending on what is going on, I feel a need to be home, my house looks pretty bad, although H spent a little time yesterday working on it. I need a day or two off, I will schedule those this week if i can swing it.

I am not so happy this morning, just the blahs I guess---things never seem to "gel" the way I think they should or will, and i am a little disappointed this morning...I should know better, things are what they are, and rarely does that change. I know you aren't aware of what I am talking about, and for that i apologize, but for the person that does know what i mean, the hell with you. I give up, I call loser first, I quit. I am finding less and less point to any of this any more, why don't YOU tell me what the hell it is you want? Because,I'll be damned if I know anymore.

Well, I am off to my (hopefully short) day. I will catch you on the flip-flop!?.....what the hell does that mean? Out.


Amanda said...

Limbo sucks.

Josie said...

Hi Jamie, hoping your spirits will pick up a bit as the day moves on. While I don't know who you're referring to in this post, I've been in the place you speak of, and it does reach the point where you raise the white flag of surrender, and teach your heart to feel "whatever". It takes two to make any relationship work, if one is pulling against it, it won't no matter how hard you try.

Speaking of flip-flop, we were laughing at work yesterday about how we call those rubber things on our feet "flip-flops" now, when as kids we all referred to them as "thongs" - which has a whole different, sexier connotation these days! :-)

SOULMANGE: said...

josie... i couldn't have said that first part better i won't try.
and the second part... yep i remember the "original" thongs... and personally, i thought they were almost as cheap and gross as the current thong. LOL

i wear NEITHER (FYI)

well hopefully everyone will have a good...or at least better day today...if needed. well, WHO couldn't use a better day, any day...right?

Josie said...

I wear neither, either Soulmange! :-)