Friday, May 11, 2007

An overgrown chicken

1. I only have to work at one place of business today---yea, me!

2. It's Friday!

3. I slept for more than four (4) hours straight!

The short list above has helped my attitude today, I feel a LITTLE more human this morning. I am feeling stronger, due to the steroids no doubt, and hopefully that will now begin to outweigh the steroid sickness that i have been dealing with for the past three days. But it will have to be a huge gain in strength and a WHOLE lot less pain, as these steroids have been kicking my ass in a big way. I have been a cranky, sweaty ball of nerves. Doesn't that sound appealing?

My oldest sister called me last night. I don't hear from her too often, and you all know how i feel about talking on the phone, or even in person. At first, I didn't answer, I was way too exhausted to talk. But i could tell in the first message that she left me that she would run me down---one way or another---and when my cell phone rang just after she called on the house phone, I knew i had no choice. It actually was a great conversation, as it always is with her, although I really didn't want it to turn into a whine-fest. It didn't, not really, but we have so many of the same things going on in our lives, and sometimes it does help to talk. Sometimes. Usually though, I find that conversation is just too much effort, and no one really needs to know all the bullshit, plus---after I have just "lived" the whatever I am explaining, I don't want to "re-live" it in telling it. I know, I am strange like that, but I honestly think there is way too much chatter going on in this world. So much so that no one is listening...everyone is talking. Everyone. The one thing that i always know about my oldest sister-she always, always, always loves me. No matter what. She is not one to let go of what she believes just to keep the peace in the family, and she is quite a christian woman, better than any that i have ever known, but she has never once judged me. Never. Not even when I was screwing up badly. Most of us have never had that kind of relationship with anyone, and I am quite blessed to have it with her. I have learned alot from her over the years, at least since we grew up and she quit beating the hell out of me. Which is really quite funny because she is six years older than me, but I have outweighed her by loads since we were little. She stands all of four foot eleven and a hundred pounds, and I am five foot eight and one thirty. But when we were growing up, she was a scrappy little thing. And I was an overgrown chicken. But---not anymore, teehee.

I am off to get on with my day. I hope your day is wonderful. Out.


evalinn said...

Your sister seems to be a great person, it´s good that u count yourself lucky to have her! : -)

SOULMANGE: said...

4 foot 11 ? against 5 ft 8? LOL
and, you have "roid rage" ? that's too funny. good thing you two were on the phone eh?
anyhow, ya, sisters....aint they great? hmmmm. i only have one, but guess what... she's like 5'2...i was 5'6 (i shrunk, i'm 5'5 now, ) but back when we would get in real fights... she kicked my ass every time!
thanks for the memories.
by the way... i missed why you're on the steroids. they have other types, if you get roid rage from the prednisone, perhaps they can give you a different one next time.
anyhow.... hope all is well on your end. sounds like talking with your sis was good for you.

simonsays said...

evalinn---thanks for stopping by!

soul---I am only on these for a week, I have been on all of them at one time or another, they all have the same issues for me. But they usually help. :)

SOULMANGE: said...

well, at least they help/ have you been checked for addisons' yet? it really could be what affects your energy level etc. it is an adrenal deficiency. i'm tellin ya .. it aint no fun, and from what you write sometimes, it sounds a lot like what i go through. google it, or ask the doc. it's only a shot in the butt..well above it sorta...then ya wait an hour or so, and do it again.. pretty simple. then if you're diagnosed... at least you know.. "it's NOT in your head". GOD i hate being ill ALL the time, and not knowing why. i'll take a diagnosis over a mystery any day of the week!
hope you feel good today.