Saturday, May 12, 2007

A new resident at Casa de Chicken

So far my Saturday is not going as planned, but i think the way to handle that is change the plans, change the expectations, because I can tell this day is going to be waaaay out of whack. I was supposed to go to the garage this morning a work until three, I was looking forward to an evening alone tonight, do laundry, clean up a little,WATCH MY NASCAR RACE, mostly gear up for a busy day tomorrow, as it Mother's Day and we will be gone for most of it. Not so much. I am working at ICS, and i have to stay until close,which means I will get home tonight after midnight. DAMN. But that's not the only plans that have now been changed----I have to open and maybe close the ICS on Monday now, too. Because H and OS are driving to a town about three and a half hours from here, to MOVE D back home. She will be a resident of my humble abode once again, beginning Monday. Hmmm....I am happy that I will no longer have to worry about her being so far away, but now I will get to worry about her being here. But that is a good thing. I cannot at this time see where or how all of her stuff is going to go, nor do I have any earthly idea what we will do with or about the cats, but there seriously is no choice in the matter. She has got to get her life back on track. I know she is not happy about it, and i am not exactly jumping up and down, but it will all work out. It could be a good thing for all involved, you never know. I am just really dreading all the mess and issues of moving someone in again. And I know that poor H is so very sick and tired of dealing with moving my kids, particularly her, because she has SO much stuff. And it is all so friggin' BIG. And she is so far away, it can't just be a casual move across town, this requires a damned moving truck, and at three plus dollars a gallon----it will cost plenty. I feel bad that he had to do it again, and I am quite grateful that he even WILL, let alone that he hasn't made me feel bad for it. He really can be rather remarkable. But I wouldn't want to tell him that, it would go to his head. And he needs no help in that area. But that's another story....

Will things EVER settle down? Will I ever be able to get out of bed and know how my life is going to go that day, and the next? I'll get back to you on that one.

I am stronger, the steroids are helping. I am also crazy, I wonder if that can be blamed on the pills? teehee. I am tired, if I could sleep, it would really help. But I am stronger. It's a good damned thing. Out.


SOULMANGE: said...

you aren't crazy.. it's roid rage. can you tell, i like to say that? ha,
anyhow.. i hope all goes well with your daughter coming home. sounds like it will take a lot off your mind, and maybe she can help at the jobs and around the house. it may be a tough transition, but it will settle down, and you will p[robably really enjoy it! hope so.

Amanda said...

So happy you're feeling stronger! :)