Thursday, April 19, 2007

What human decency?

Good Heavens, I am tired today. I would love to go back to bed---and this is not like me. Perhaps it is because I have to work at the ice cream store through lunch today, and I am not excited about it. Perhaps it is because I have to go to the dealership after that, and work until eight. I usually struggle with Thursdays anyway, the long hours are really hard on me. Psychologically, I think that is why I am usually tired on this day each week, I always dread the length of this day. Today, I will be lucky to still be upright after a busy lunch, I guess we will see. Plus, I get to work with people that do NOT know when to stop talking at the ice cream store today, and incessant talking makes my demons come out, and i want to strangle the talker. Ugggh. I am a woman of few words, I know - I know - hard to believe when you read the ridiculous ramble here, but seriously, I don't say too much. I hate those that have a need to fill up silence with bullshit, talking just for the sake of talking, or loving their own voice, or some such shit. Do they think that people really care? I know that if I bore the hell out of you here, on this blog, you can move on. It becomes your choice. If I were the kind to ramble and drone on in person, who among us would not feel compelled to stay and listen just out of human decency? That would make the fact that you were being held hostage MY choice. And that is wrong. The ice cream store is physically quite small, no where to hide. Hopefully, we will be so busy that conversation will be impossible. I swear, it makes me crazy. CRAZY.

Having said that, I am doing well, how are you? Yesterday was actually pretty good for me, I made it all through the day at work, but I was totaled by the time I got home-done in, barely able to manage to feed CrazyDog, and fall onto the couch. H worked all evening, so it was just me here, and that was nice.

Thought for today----I hate the IRS. They suck. The money right out of you. And then take more. Bastards. Later.

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Amanda said...

Good to hear that you're feeling a little better. Your post reminds me why I choose to do the work I do. My heart goes out to you!

IRS...ugh, I have to go to the customs in a bit, they're a little friendlier but at the end of the day I'm there to pay...while I'm forced to stare at posters of nekkid women on the walls. (Yes, for real.) :P