Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Technology haiku

I am technologically impaired
can barely post a blog
I'm from the wrong generation

I can use my DVR
although I don't really understand it
and sometimes I record crap

I text like ee cummings
can't figure out punctuation
my kids think i'm an idiot

be grateful if you "get it"
it doesn't always come that easy
if you are over the age of thirty


the landshark said...

i don't think you're an idiot.

SOULMANGE: said...

those are so great !!!
i could never get the hang of haiku! i've tried a few, but they suck. yours are good. thanks for the laugh, i really needed it TODAY.

Therapist Mumbles said...

Hey, you can get pictures on your blog, and it's in color.

Me, I'm lucky I can type.