Friday, April 20, 2007

All glory comes from daring to begin. William Shakespeare

As predicted, yesterday turned out to be the day from hell. It was so long, and i was so very worn out when I got home. I had a good scare as well, my children truly will be the death of me. Seriously. But the welfare of the one involved was confirmed, although problems remain. I can only offer my help, I don't know what else can be done. It was SO much easier when they were little, and a kiss and a pudding pop fixed all things. I have extremely smart children. I know all parents say that, but I really do. I have no idea where they got the kind of intelligence they have, I'd say mine is average, and their father is an idiot. No, that's not true, he is quite intelligent, just not the slightest bit interested in using it to any kind of GOOD, but anyway, the combination of he and I produced highly intelligent children. They have just got to learn to use it for the good of all, as well as for their own progression in life. I really had hoped that they would learn it a little easier. But they are hard-headed individuals, and I DO know they inherited that trait from me, so the learning of lessons seems to come with heartache and pain. But they will get there. I know they will. With a little help from me, I suppose, as well as from others, but they will get there. In the meantime, I may not survive.

I am worn out beyond belief today. And I have to do it again today. At the very least, I will not have to put up with the mouth today, it is only family at the ice cream store on this day, and while they do like to drive me crazy (on purpose), I can tell them to shut up. So, that will be an improvement.

I'm off. Yes, I know that's a given. I should say "I'm out of here." Now you know what I mean. Have a great day.


SOULMANGE: said...

hopefully today is better for you. physically, and mentally

Beth said...

gawd, what is it about hard headed kids?! I just hope that it works out in the end and they are hard headed against things that will do them harm.

hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

Amanda said...

Hang in there Jamie. First 100 years are the hardest, or so I've been told. I hope you'll have a tolerable weekend.